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Proclamation from the Kingdom, Issue #01 -- Auchtermuchty Festival
July 26, 2007
Dear friend,


Eh, What?

What does Auchtermuchty mean? (See below for answer.)

Say, What?

One big topic of conversation you will find in Scotland (and the whole of UK) is the weather! One word you might hear sometimes is the word “dreich”, which in the context of the weather means bleak, dull. The sky would be grey, almost depressing.

Eg.”It’s gey dreich today.” Could be translated something like, ‘It’s very dull and grey today, and it might even start to rain.’

Are You Coming?

The 3rd – 12th August 2007 sees the Auchtermuchty Festival. This 10 day event is packed full of fun with something for everyone.

The Festival opens with the dance on the night of the 3rd, held at the Victoria Hall, tickets £3. and finishes on Friday 10th August with the Totem Pole Contest in Low Road Park. Admission for this is free.

For further information, and the full programme, check out the website by clicking here

Where's and What's

Obviously, if you’re in the area, then you might well be visiting the Auchtermuchty Festival. If you want to know more about Auchtermuchty, click here.

However, you may prefer a few hours around the coast. If, however, you are not in Fife at this time, why not get the ‘flavour’ and make yourself some traditional Fish and Chips in Batter? If you don’t know how to make it, don’t worry, you’ll find the recipe by clicking here .

Don’t forget to put salt and vinegar on them. When I was growing up, actually until maybe the last 10 years, the traditional way of serving them was wrapped in Newspaper. They were put first of all in plain white ‘chippy’ paper, salt and vinegar shaken on, then wrapped up to take away in newspaper.

Answer to the Question

"Hill of the boar" (When The Stuart Kings and Queens stayed at their Hunting Lodge in Falkland Palace they would hunt for wild boar on the Auchtermuchty hills.)

It's been great to have a blether (chat). Let's do it again soon!


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