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Proclamation from the Kingdom, Issue #03a -- Anstruther & Falkland Palace
August 31, 2007
Dear friend,


Eh, What?

Which town holds an Art Festival in August every year? (See below for answer.)

Say, What?

Two words this time - the first word is "bairn" which means child. The second word is "greetin". It's nothing to do with 'greeting' someone - it means 'crying'. For example, you might hear a child crying, and someone will say, "The bairn is greetin'"

Are You Coming?

There are so many things on in the Kingdom right now, but here are just a couple.

From now until 23rd September 2007 you can go and see Art Exhibitions at “Scottish Fisheries Museum " in Anstuther:

The first is Art by Douglas Robertson : ‘The Net Mender’.

The second is Art by Andy Graham : Scenes form the East Neuk.

The admission to both Art Exhibitions is free. So do go along and maybe pop in for Fish and Chips while you’re there. Have a wee look at my page on Anstruther.

Another place you may want to visit this Sunday is Falkland Palace , where is will be a Falconry Display. If you’ve never seen this before, it really is worth going to. These birds are just amazing. The normal charges for entry into the Palace apply. You can also visit the National Trust Shop on site, and go to one of the pubs or coffee shops for some nice refreshments such as tea and shortbread or scones.

Where's and What's

If you don’t fancy the Art Exhibition or the Falconry Display, then enjoy a day in the beautiful town of St Andrews, made famous as the Home of Golf. For information on the town, click HERE.

Every Sunday you can experience a very pleasant evening at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews. They have a Jazz evening, and there is no charge for entry. You can buy yourself a coffee or drink and relax to the soothing music. However, they also provide food, main course buffet serving savoury crepes is £8 per head and the dessert crepes at £5 each (not exactly Scottish cuisine, but still very delicious).

You may want to pop into the Byre Theatre this weekend for the Oran MorE Festival. Lunchtime performances include the play, and pie and a pint for £10, with 2 shows for the price of one in the evenings : £14/£10/£8.

Answer to the Question

The delightful fishing village of Pittenweem becomes a hub of Activity at the beginning of August. Everywhere you go you will see signs for various Art Exhibitions, from Studios, Church Halls to private homes. People travel from all over the country for this renowned Festival.

It's been great to have a blether (chat). Let's do it again soon!


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