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Proclamation from the Kingdom, Issue #04 - Theatre and Thrills
September 14, 2007
Dear friend,


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Some Breaking News from Scotland's Enchanting Kingdom!

Many of you have emailed me saying how you have enjoyed both the recipes and the poetry pages on the site.

Well, now is your opportunity to share your Scottish recipes and Scottish poetry, and have them published on the site. Have a look at the 'Sharing' pages and DO submit a poem or recipe from Scotland if you have one. Include a picture in too if you can.

Eh, What?

Which town was Prime Minister Gordon Brown raised and educated?

Say, What?

A couple of words again - one very British but might be strange for folk from overseas. The word is 'wellies'. This are sort of rubber boots used very much in wet weather. The proper name is 'wellington boots' - but everyone refers to them as 'wellies'.

The next word (and even I'm not sure how to spell it) is 'baffees'. I had never heard this word until I moved to the Kingdom. It is a very Fife word - and means 'slippers'.

Are You Coming?

There are so many things on in the Kingdom, as always. In previous ezines I've recommended historical events and art exhibitions, but I've chosen a couple of quite different things for this edition.

This first is the Theatre:

Held at The Byre Theatre in Abbey Street in St Andrews on 22nd September is "The Ballad", which tells the story of a young couple who, by a chance meeting, are destined to be bound forever by love. Inspired by the story-telling, imagery and yearning of Scottish ballads, this is an wonderful and moving piece of physical theatre.

Date:22 Sep 2007 Time: 19:30 Charge: £14, £10-£8 Concessions For more information check the website of The Byre Theatre.

But if sitting still in a Theatre or visiting Art Exhibitions is not your 'thing' how about some "Thrills and spills" with short track motor racing on a natural soil surface. This really is fun for all the family with non-stop action and a full race programme including Open Meeting. Event Details

Date:23 Sep 2007 Time: 11:00 Charge: £5, £3 Concession, accompanied children under 16 free, season tickets available For more information check out the website of Autograss Racing.

Where's and What's

If you donít fancy the either the Theatre or the thrills of the racing, then maybe you could visit some of the excellent Historic Buildings

I've mentioned Falkland Palace in precious ezines, but another favourite of mine is Culross Palace. The whole village is just amazing and it is truly like walking back into history.

I would also recommend the delightful Tea Room there. It's just wonderful for that cuppa with shortbread or homemade scones and jam.

But if you are planning to go out to dinner - a few miles away from Culross near the town of Dunfermline is the Kievel House Hotel. I have to say the food and the service in this hotel is superb. So that's another place to try during your time here.

Answer to the Question

Gordon Brown was raised and educated in the town of Kirkcaldy . His Father was a Church of Scotland Minister in the town.

It's been great to have a blether (chat). Let's do it again soon!


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