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Proclamation from the Kingdom, Issue #06 - Preparing for the Holiday Season
November 21, 2007
Dear friend,


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

First of all I wish all our American visitors a truly wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. At the bottom of this page you'll find a delightful little video with the most gorgeous pictures of America. I think it is fabulous and I hope you enjoy it too. You'll WANT to pass it on to your friends, I'm sure.

I also need to eat humble pie and apologise for a typing error in the last issue of 'Proclamation from the Kingdom, when I said that St Andrew's Day was the 20th November. It is, of course, the 30th November. So please forgive me.

I also shared with you that YOU could now contribute your OWN Scottish Recipes and Scottish Poems on to this website. But there's some more Breaking News - you can also share with us your photographs of Fife. Do have a look, there are some super contributions as well as great comments. Check them out:- HERE.

Many thanks again to all kindly contributed and commented.

DO keep them coming!

Eh, What?

Which town in the Kingdom has all the modern Sculptures? (Answer at bottom of the page)

Say, What?

The Scottish 'tongue' can be confusing for people outside Scotland. I have invited you to have a 'blether' with me in this newsletter. The word 'blether' means 'chat' - but the word 'bletherskate' means someone who talks too much, as in chatterbox.

For those of you who are interested, I've put up Psalm 1 in the old Scottish tongue. This was paraphrased by our own Rabbie Burns. You can find it HERE.

Are You Coming?

So what's going on in the Kingdom at the moment? Well, I think there are many places from Hotels to schools and individuals all planning for the holiday period. Whether it is St Andrew's Day festivities, or Christmas shopping, rehearsals for plays and Pantos - everyone is busy.

However, if you're in the Kingdom, you'll find this great St Andrew's Day Celebration:

A Ceilidh in the "Laigh Hall", follows a wonderful three course dinner of traditional Scottish Fayre in the beautiful Great Hall. Served with wine, a banquet fit for the laird's table.


Date:30 Nov 2007 Time: 19:00 Duration: to midnight Charge: 68 (Price includes dinner, wine with your meal, and the ceilidh) For more information contact Tel: 0844 493 2184


I mentioned in an earlier Newsletter (and of course it's on the website) about the fabulous Art Festival that takes place at the beginning of August in the little port of Pittenweem. But the East Neuk Artists and Artist Studios have another but smaller events this month:

Visit the studios and workshops of artists based in the East Neuk of Fife to see work-in-progress and finished works. Various works for sale including paintings, ceramics, miniatures, jewellery, drawings, weaving, glass sculpture, prints and postcards. A great place to get some very special Christmas gifts.

Various locations throughout the East Neuk. Event Details

Dates:24 Nov 2007 - 25 Nov 2007 and 01 Dec 2007 - 02 Dec 2007 Time: 11:00 Duration: to 6pm Charge: Free

For more information contact

Tel: 01333 730249 for free leaflet with maps and details. E-mail:

Where's and What's

However, we're coming up to some times of celebration.

If you're wanting a 'taste of Scotland' this Christmas and New Year - you need to start some preparations now.

Last month I recommended the Roast Venison for a change, but whatever you choose for your main course, what are you going to have with it for dessert?

I've put a favourite recipe for Christmas Pudding, which is traditionally served on Christmas Day, you'll find it HERE.

But if you want to make the traditional Black Bun that is served at New Year - you really need to make it NOW, as it needs time to 'mature'.

Of course one other rich fruit 'experience' (another Scottish favourite) you might want to make is the famous 'Clootie Dumpling'.

However, if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the very thought of all the food preparations, getting the 'table' right etc, and don't know where to start, have a wee look at this Article, sent in by someone from Australia, for ideas on how to have a great Dinner Party on a budget.

Lastly, perhaps as part of your preparations for the holiday season, you're still looking for gift ideas. One thing you might want to send to someone is a lovely print of some of the paintings of the Fife Painter Jack Vettriano. They are light to post and indeed can be sent direct to the recipients. You can buy them here.

So just before signing off this time, I hope to have one more edition of Proclamation from the Kingdom before Christmas, where you will be able to download my wee gift to you of a new calendar for 2008.

Answer to the Question

Glenrothes is the town with the most amazing modern sculptures. Much of the Kingdom of Fife is 'old' - and yet here in this modern town we see how Fife has been able to keep hold of its heritage and history yet effortlessly integrated into the 21st Century. Check again the contribution pages of photographs and have a wee look at some of these amazing sculptures.

It's been great to have a blether (chat). Let's do it again soon!

PS. I said at the beginning of this newsletter I had a wee video to show you. I hope you enjoy this lovely video to celebrate American Thanksgiving of Beautiful America.


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