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Proclamation from the Kingdom, Issue #9 - Happy Valentine's Day
February 10, 2008
Hi again, and greetings from Scotland's Enchanting Kingdom.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Well, Christmas and New Year have long gone; Burns Supper has passed; and here we are with yet more celebrations.

However, this latest event in Scotland is also celebrated in many other countries - that of Valentine's Day. Have a look at how we celebrate Valentine's Day in Scotland on 14th February ever year. One wee fact you might not know, is that it is believed that the remains of St Valentine are buried in the Scottish city of Glasgow!!

If you have a loved one in your life, you may have both chosen to go out for a nice dinner. But if you prefer to stay at home, have a look at these recipes I have cooked for my husband as a Valentine's Day Meal.

However, if there's not anyone special in your life right now then do still treat YOURSELF, as YOU are Special!

What's new? Well I finally put up a wee Guest Book on the site, and for those of you who have already signed it, thank you so much for your very kind comments. If you haven't signed it, and would like to - you'll find it Here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what others have said.

Eh, What?

In which Fife Town is St Rule's Tower? (Answer is at the bottom of the newsletter)

Say, What?

Each newsletter we look at one or two Scottish words.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, one common word which stands out is the word "Winching" - which means 'courting' or 'dating'.

These phrases are also quite interesting:-

"Make sure yer ain are telt ye love them" which translated means: Always tell your loved ones that you do love them.

Look after your loving always or it gangs wrang, means Be attentive to those who love you or their love may fade.

Perhaps you might want to write the Words of Robbie Burns Love Song My Love is like a Red, Red, Rose on your card.

Are You Coming?

So what's going on in the Kingdom at the moment? Well, as always, you can visit the Theatre, but Art Galleries and Museums and Visitor Attractions still have limited winter opening hours.

One thing you might want to do this coming week is go and see and hear Barbara Dickson in concert at the Carnegie Hall.

Carnegie Hall
East Port
KY12 7JA

Date:14 Feb 2008
Time: 19:30
Charge: 21.50

Contact: Tel: 01383 602 302 Fax: 01383 314131

The lovely singer/songwriter/actress Barbara Dickson was born in Dunfermline, (the same town that the great Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was born and raised).

Another place you might want to go and see is the Snowdrop Spectacular at Combo House. Snowdrops are seen as a real delight here in Scotland. After the long dark days of winter, the lovely wee snowdrops pushing through the earth tell us that spring is 'round the corner'. I have a number in my garden and it really lifts my spirits to see them.

However, Cambo House which is situated between Crail and St Andrews has arguably the best display in Scotland, with 70 acres of woodland walks carpeted in snowdrops and aconites following the Cambo Burn to the sea. Lots more on offer including Art Exhibition, Photography Workshop and Competition, Workshops, Tea Room, Craft Demonstrations, Piglet Feeding and, of course, plenty of bulbs for sale.

Cambo House
Crail TO St Andrews
KY16 8QD

Date:01 Feb 2008 - 09 Mar 2008
For more information contact

Tel: 01333 450054

Where's and What's

Well, as well as Valentine's Day, another international celebration is coming up on 2nd March this year - that of Mother's Day. I know it is held at different times in different countries, but here's a wee bit of history, and how we might celebrate it here in Scotland.

Mother's Day was once known as Lady Day and many of its customs date from the 17th century. During that time children lived and worked away from home, but were given a day off to go and visit their mothers.

They often brought flowers as a present and sometimes a 'simnel' cake. People celebrated the fact of being together after such a long time. Even today many families follow this same tradition and either have a special meal together at home or go out to eat. In Scotland Mother's day is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent. It is made to coincide with the religious feast of Mothering Sunday and is dedicated as a day of peace and happiness towards all mums.

It's a special day for all mothers and a time when children (of all ages) show love and respect for them. Children living at home might start the day off by giving Mum breakfast in bed, or maybe a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates. They would certainly give a nice card, possibly writing their own wee poem, and helping more with chores that day.

Certainly, it is a day for everyone to tell their Mother and Grandmothers how much they are loved, and during the course of the day, they should be treated like a "Lady".

So, whether it's Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, it doesn't matter - just let those you love know that you really care!

Answer to the Question

St Andrews is the town where you will find St Serfs Tower. Of course it is also know as the "Home" of Golf.

Well, it's been great to have another wee blether (chat). Let's do it again soon!

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