Art Galleries and Museums in Fife

You’ll find some excellent Art Galleries and Museums throughout the Kingdom of Fife. If you have a look at the Things to DO in Fife page as well as the Places to see – you’ll see that the kingdom has something for everyone.

You many have been one of those people who only thought of ‘golf’ when you thought of Fife, but as I have mentioned elsewhere, the Kingdom of Fife is a treasure chest of things to see and do, from the Historic Buildings such as Falkland Palace and St Andrews Castle and Cathedral, to the amazing array of sports, especially Golf at St Andrews; or if you like cycling, check out the cycle routes. There are some wonderful Visitor Attractions as well as colourful Parks and Gardens, and glorious award-winning Fife Beaches as well as all sorts of entertainment and of course Art Galleries and Museums. I hope you will understand that I am only able here to give you a brief overview of the Art Galleries and Museums in each place. I could write reams on each one, but I hope it will stir you to stop by and visit some of them. Some I enjoyed more than others, but if you have already visited any of these Art Galleries and Museums - do let me have your experiences so that I can share them with those who visit this site.

Dunfermline has a number of different Museums:

  • Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum - I spend a wonderful few hours here, learning about Andrew Carnegie's childhood in that wee cottage to him becoming so very famous for his contribution to the Steel Industry as well as being a great philanthropist. You can see where he was born, the fabulous weaving loom which was the type his father would have used at the time. Out of all the Art Galleries and Museums in Fife, I think this is my favourite. Guides can be available on request. For information on opening hours call +44(0)1383 721 862. (Admission is Free).

  • Pittencrieff House Museum, - Andrew Carnegie gave Pittencrieff Park back to the town in 1903, and Robert Lorimer transformed the beautiful 17th century house into a museum. It's completely different to the Carnegie Birthplace Museum. This one tells of dinosaurs and fossils, as well as the history of the Park itself. For information on opening hours call +44(0)1383 550 000. (Admission is Free).

  • Scottish Vintage Bus Museum can be found just outside the town. There is a large collection of historic buses dating from 1920 right through to the 80s. There is an Exhibition Hall with beautifully restored buses, and workshops housing projects currently being restored. There is also a steam train (which I think is fabulous). You'll find a souvenir shop and cafe too. For information on opening hours and Admission Charges, call +44(0)1383 632 380.

Carnegie Museum

Carnegie Museum

Aberdour - The Shoreline Studio is a nice little studio which displays original paintings, prints, some stained glass, ceramics, beautiful homemade cards as well as jewellery. They also frame pictures. For further information contact +44(0) 1383 860 705

Burntisland -There are a couple of interesting Museums here:

  • Edwardian Fair Museum - If you like Fairgrounds, you will find this reproduction Edwardian Fairground very exciting. You can also learn more about the seaside town of Burntisland. For information on opening hours contact +44(0)1592 412 860

  • Museum of Communication. - This is a fabulous place to visit. The exhibition brings together all sorts of communication such as radio, television, old fashioned records right through to CD, DVD and MP3 Player, computers and internet. You can listen to the Big Band Music of the '40s and 50's to the delights of the computer and broadband today. Lots of hands-on stuff, and a great time for all the family. For further information contact +44(0)1592 874 836.

Kirkcaldy - (The town where Prime Minister Gordon Brown was raised) has its own Art Galleries and Museums There is a great display of 19th and 20th century Scottish paintings as well as a local history exhibition. They have displayed the work of local Artist Jack Vettriano, and still have one of his pieces on display. There is a cafe and a shop and a gallery which displays some of the Wemyss Ware Products. Admission is free but for further information on opening times, call +44(0)1592 412 860.

Art Galleries and Museums

Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery

Methil - (birthplace of the artist Jack Vetrriano) has its own Heritage Centre which has displays and exhibitions about Levenmouth. There are also workshops. For further details, please contact +44(0)1333 422 100

Pittenweem Home to the Art Festival is an artists' haven. There are two excellent galleries:

  • Heron Gallery and Bistro - houses a fabulous range of modern Scottish Art. The Bistro will also enable you to sample some delicious homemade food. For details of opening times, call +44(0) 1333 310 014

  • Fisher Studio and Gallery - This gallery also shows exhibitions by both craft workers and contemporary artists. For further information call +44(0)

Anstruther - Have a great visit to the Scottish Fisheries Museum. I love going to the East Neuk and if you're heading to Anstruther for the famous Fish and Chips, then I would recommend a visit to this museum. The fishing industry is very much part of life around these parts, and the museum will give you a look at how fishing was in days gone by until present times. There's models and actual boats and life-size models of fishermen. There's also some paintings. For information on admission times and charges, call +44(01333 310 628


  • Museum and Heritage Centre - This place will also give you an insight into times past and of course the 200 year old golf course as well as the traditions of the seafaring community. Admission is free, but call +44(0) 1333 450 869 for details on opening hours

  • The Jerdan Gallery - If Art is your 'thing' - then this Gallery exhibits of sculptures, ceramics, jewellery, 19th and 20th century Scottish paintings as well as contemporary work. For details of opening hours, please call +44(0)1333 450 797

St Andrews - Has both Art Galleries and Museums in the town.

  • British Golf Museum - If you are a Golf Lover, please do spend some time away from the course to visit this museum. There are amazing multimedia displays and you will learn about the fascinating history of golf. For detail on opening times and charges, call +44(0)1334 460 064.

  • St Andrews Museum - This Museum will takes you through the towns history right back to the Bronze age until modern times. There are exhibitions as well as an Events Programme. You can also stop for the inevitable 'cuppa' at the cafe. For detail on opening times and charges, call +44(0)1334 412 691.

  • St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum. This charity have created a really interesting museum in an old fisherman's cottage near the Cathedral. There is and exhibition which concentrates on old shops. Two have been recreated here: Aikman & Terras, (a grocer's shop which traded in South Street between 1837 and 1981), and Keith's the Chemist, (which is now a fishmonger's in South Street). Upstairs, the Trust holds an ever changing series of exhibitions on a variety of subjects. The period garden at the back of the house has been created in recent years and is just wonderful and is one of the quietest and most beautiful spots in St Andrews. Well worth a visit. Admission is free, but for information on opening hours, call +44(0) 1334 477 629.

  • Artery Gallery - This Gallery displays not only paintings, but ceramics, sculpture and jewellery from both local, national and international artists. For details on opening times cal +44(0)1334 478 221.

Ceres (Near Cupar) - visit the Fife Folk Museum. A fabulous place to go especially with children. It takes you through the history of rural Fife and the everyday lives of local country people. Well worth a visit. For details on opening times and charges call +44(0)1334 828 180.

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If you have visited any of these Art Galleries and Museums, do send me your experience - I'd love to here from you

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