Best of Fife Beaches

Some of The Kingdom of Fife Beaches have won prestigious awards. The county is surround by water on three sides and you can drive around the area or enjoy some of the wonderful walks (suitable for both serious walkers as well as those who prefer a more leisurely stroll) along the Fife Coastal Path.

Of course, if beaches aren't your 'thing' there's plenty of other things in Fife which might interest you. There are loads of different Sports in Fife, especially Golf at St Andrews. But again if you're not too sporty, check out the Art Galleries and Museums, or some of the wonderful Historic Buildings or the Visitor Attractions as well as some of the gorgeous Parks and Gardens. If you love cycling, Fife has dedicated Cycle Routes in Fife which are enjoyed by families, especially in the summer months.

Anyway, back to Fife Beaches - as well as enjoying the bathing in some beaches, others, like Elie, have wonderful watersports facilities. Of course, if you ARE walking along the Coastal Path, you might find some other wonderful delights provided by 'Mother Nature. As well as the delightful and sometimes unusual rock formations, look out for:

  • Some of the lovely and delicate flora.
  • sharks
  • dolphins
  • seals.
  • many lovely seabirds (visits to the Inchcolm and Inchkeith Islands is worth a visit if you like birds). Another delight is a visit to Isle of May to see the cute puffins.

However, some of the Fife beaches can be quite breathtaking and worth visiting. But I would point out that although there are always some 'hardy' folk about who enjoy the sunbathing and swimming, generally speaking the water is very cold. If you come from a warmer climate ... beware! The water can feel like ice! Here's some of the best known:-

St Andrews

East Sands Beach - Winner of Seaside Award from "Tidy Britain Group"

West Sands Beach - This is one of my favourite Fife Beaches. It runs alongside the famous 'Old Course' Golf Course, and was the venue where parts of the film "Chariots of Fire" (about the famous Scottish Olympic runner Eric Liddel) was filmed. Please note - no dogs are allowed on this beach, and it has European Blue Flag Status.


Room Bay - Another winner of Seaside Award from "Tidy Britain Group"


Harbour Beach - Another of my favourites. A delightful bay where watersports abound. One unusual thing is that on some Sundays in the summer months, the local cricket club play on this sands, as this is their official ground. Please note - no dogs are allowed on this beach, and it has European Blue Flag Status.

Harbour Beach at Elie

Fife Beaches - Harbour Beach at Elie

Woodhaven Beach - Perhaps a bit quieter than Harbour Beach - but another winner of Seaside Award from "Tidy Britain Group


Pettycur Bay - Another beautiful sweeping bay, and winner of Seaside Award from "Tidy Britain Group"


Silver Sands - This is one of the most popular of all Fife Beaches for families. Indeed as a child my parents would bring be to Aberdour on holiday from my native Glasgow, and I have fond memories of hours of fun on this beach. There is a cafe open all year and good disabled facilities. Please note that dogs are NOT permitted on the beach in the summer months (April to September). Silver Sands has European Blue Flag Status.

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