Golf Books of Scotland

There have been hundreds of golf books of Scotland written, but here are a few that I think could be favourites. If you are a Golf Lover, then a trip to Scotland to play at one of our fine courses, especially at St Andrews, the "Home" of Golf, might well be on your 'to-do' list. The town of St Andrews is situated in the north east of the Kingdom of Fife, and as well as being the Home of Golf, it also boast the Cathedral where it is believed St Andrew is buried, as well as many other historic buildings, beautiful beaches and Art Galleries and Museums, and the oldest university in Scotland where Prince William studied.

If you're not looking for a book, but would like some other souvenir of Golf at St Andrews, check out the the page with St Andrew Golf Souvenirs, and be sure to get your Guide Books or Maps before you visit. You may of course just be looking for some general books on Scotland - so check out the general Books on Scotland, or browse the Store on Scottish Customs & Culture or the one on Scottish Music and DVDs.

Of course the Kingdom of Fife has many other fine Golf Courses which you may wish to explore, as well as plenty other things to do as well as some wonderful places to see.

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Golf Books of Scotland

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