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Are your senses ready to be introduced to the Kingdom of Fife on the east coast of Scotland? Fife is just a 'wee' distance over the Forth Bridges from the capital Edinburgh, and not too far from the gateway to the Highlands.

This small region in Scotland, that I not only love, but am also proud to call home, is genuinely known as The Kingdom of Fife, with several Royal Burghs within it. For centuries it has had many royal connections; from ancient kings and queens, to more recently the handsome Prince William (2nd in line to the British throne, and son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana) studied for his degree at St Andrews University.

Fife has produced a number of famous people, from Andrew Carnegie, the great Philanthropist from Dunfermline to Prime Minister Gordon Brown who was raised in the town of Kirkcaldy. He wasn't born here, but represents the town in Parliament and still considers Fife his home.

The Kingdom of Fife is truly a gem of a place, a jewel in Scotland's crown, with numerous delights to attract every visitor whether local or from around the world. There's something for the young, and the "young at heart"; for those who enjoy the luxuries of life as well as those on a budget.

Scotland's Enchanting Kingdom, Fife.

What's in the Kingdom? You'll find:

Scotland's Enchanting Kingdom

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Kingdom of Fife

Current Time in Scotland


This ancient Kingdom has managed effortlessly to remain loyal to its heritage whilst still embracing the modern world of the 21st century.

Let me share with you the joys and captivating treasures of my homeland. The Kingdom is a delightful place, both to live and work, to retire to, to visit and even invest in. Meet the people; hear the sounds; taste the foods; enter into the culture and join the Kingdom experience.

If you are from outside Fife, please explore the site to help you plan your Vacation by checking out the best time to visit, and our weather and become familiar with our currency and other general information when travelling overseas.

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Fife, Scotland's Enchanting Kingdom

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