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To and From Scotland

How to make long distance calls overseas to the family and friends back home, or how they get hold of you is something that you might want to consider when planning your Scottish vacation. You'll want to know so many things like, when it is safe to travel, as well as deciding on the best time to visit.

You may also want to become familiar with Scottish currency and have some general questions regarding overseas travel information.

However, back to the question on how to make long distance calls overseas - first of all you may want to give your family back home any telephone numbers where you can be reached. If you have your itinerary planned, and have booked hotels or other specific accommodation, then you will have already got the telephone numbers. If you have booked a self-catering cottage (or castle), then you should have a contact number which you could probably use if there was an emergency back home.

Of course, I MUST mention here that it was Alexander Graham Bell, one of our famous Scots who invented the telephone, so please be assured that your communication to and from home should be a breeze from here!

However, it's worth knowing a little about the telephone numbers in Scotland. They usually have an area code followed by the individual number; for example the area code for Glasgow is 0141, Edinburgh is 0131, St Andrews in Fife is 01334. These numbers will be followed by a 6 or 7 digit number eg 123 456 or 123 4567.

The COUNTRY code to call Scotland (and indeed the whole of UK) from anywhere else in the world is +44. So when you are calling from outside Scotland you take off the '0' of the area code. For example +44 (0)1334 123 456. However, when you are calling a British number when you are over here - you do not use the international code; just dial the number beginning with 0. However, if you are making a LOCAL call, with the same area code, just dial the number eg '123 4567'

To make a Long Distance Calls Overseas FROM Scotland to your own country or any other is done in the same way. First you need the country's code, for example - for United States and Canada it is 001 - then you would ring the normal number you have, containing the area code and personal number.

This is the same for every country. If you don't know your country code you code find out before you travel, or it will be listed in a Telephone Directory over here which you could get from your hotel.

Telephone Kiosk

How to make long distance calls overseas Using a Hotel Phone or Call Box

Please be aware that calling from your hotel room might be convenient, but they may well add extra charges. This is a common practice in most countries and you should check out the rates before you make that call.

Using a public telephone box is not hard, but if you are planning to use cash to make that call, be warned that it will almost 'eat' the money. But there are call boxes especially on city centres, airports and train stations that accept Credit Cards. Have ALL the numbers ready and follow the instructions for using the card.

You can also buy pre-paid cards from a number of providers which can be inserted into a public telephone. You usually have to key in a very long number before you start the main number.

Mobile Telephone

Should you Buy a Temporary Overseas Mobile (Cell) Phone to Make Long Distance Calls Overseas?

You may be wondering if you KNOW you are going to make long distance calls overseas when you are here, is it worth bringing your own cell phone or buy a temporary phone with pre-paid (or 'Pay-as-You-Go') facilities for the duration of your visit.

First of all check with your own cellphone provider to ensure that your phone will have the facilities to make and receive calls when overseas, and ensure that your phone has its international capabilities turned ON by the provider. Then be sure to check the costs. These can be astronomical and you really need to know in advance. There is often a charge to receive calls when abroad, again they can be quite high. Each provider is different, so do check out your own.

One alternative that you might want to consider is to buy an inexpensive cellphone when you are here, which may work out much cheaper than using your own. They can be bought from shops like "Carphone Warehouse" for under £20 using a scheme called 'Mobile World' and the calls are relatively inexpensive. I won't give details here as prices change frequently. But you should check it out as an alternative to using your own, if you're going to Make Long Distance Calls Overseas when you are here.

Phone Cards

How to make long distance calls overseas using the Internet

It might be that you're like me and have a permanent attachment to your laptop and can't leave home without it! If this is the case then you have alternatives to contacting your loved ones or business.

I use voip services such as skype or google, using a mini earpiece, but of course the other person needs to have set up this service too, and of course you can only talk to them when they are online. You can also use 'Skype in' and 'Skype out' service.

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