The Collier Laddie

This song, "The Collier Laddie", is believed to be one of the oldest songs in Fife.

It mentions the town of Kirkcaldy, (the town where Prime Minister Gordon Brown was raised) with the bonnie 'lass' following her beloved miner, 'the collier laddie'.

Mining was a major industry in the area for a long time. But the closure of the mines throughout the region affected many people, causing high unemployment.

The town next to Kirkcaldy is Dysart, and our famous Poet Rabbie Burns wrote the "The Carls O Dysart" during a trip to the Kingdom of Fife. This isn't one of his most famous poems, but I'm maybe you've heard of "My Love is Like a Red Red Rose" My Love and perhaps you've been to a Burns' Supper and heard "Address to a Haggis" recited. But the most famous song is by far "Auld Lang Syne" which is sung throughout the world every New Year. If you're not sure what the words mean, check out my attempt at a translation.

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The Collier Laddie

Coal Miner

I've travelled east and I've travelled west,
And I hae been tae Kirkcaldy;
But the bonniest lass that e'er I spied,
She was followin' her collier laddie.

Wi' siller slippers on her feet,
Her body neat and handsome,
And sky blue ribbons on her heid,
Whaur gowd abune was glancin'.

"O, whaur live ye, my bonnie lass?
Come tell me what they ca' ye?"
"Bonnie Jean Gordon is my name
And I'm followin' my collier laddie."

"O, would ye fancy ane that's black,
And you sae fair and gowdie?
O, fancy ane o' high degree
Than followin' a collier laddie.

"O. see ye not yon hills and dales
The sun shines on sae brawlie?
They a' are mineand they shall be thine
Gin ye leave your collier laddie."

"And ye shall gang in gay attire,
Well buskit up sae gaudie;
And ane to wait on every hand,
Gin ye leave your collier laddie."

"Though ye had a' the sun shines on,
And the earth conceals sae lowly;
I would turn my back on you and it a'
And embrace my collier laddie."

Then he has gane to her faither dear,
To her faither gane sae brawlie;
Says, "Will ye gie me your bonnie lass
That's followin' a collier laddie?

"O, would she marry a man that's black,
And me sae braw and gaudie?
I'll raise her up to a higher degree
Than followin' a collier laddie."

Her faither dear then vow'd and sware,
"Though he be black he's bonnie;
She's mair delight in him, I fear,
Than you wi' a' your money."

"I can win my five pennies a day,
And spen't at nicht fu' brawlie;
And I'll mak' my bed in the collier's neuk
And lie doon wi' my collier laddie.

"Love for love is a bargain for me,
Though the wee cot hoose should haud me;
And the world's before me to win my breid,
An' fair fa' my collier laddie."

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The Collier Laddie

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