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Getting to and around Scotland is easy if you want to travel by bus. Scotland is well served with long-distance bus services, or as we call them “coaches”. So if you're Planning your Scottish Vacation it is a popular and inexpensive way to travel between major towns and cities. You may prefer to Travel by train of course, or if money is not an issue and you want to see Scotland in luxury, you could always travel in a Chauffeur Driven Car.. Of course this can be great value for money if you just want meeting at the airport and taking to your hotel. Click the link above to learn more and book your chauffeur.

But if you are still looking to travel by bus, then coaches are a lot cheaper than the equivalent train journey. But because of the great financial saving, they can be popular and therefore busy. So it’s a good idea if you plan to travel by bus to book your seat ahead; and especially if you have an important ‘Return Journey’ to make – such as a flight to catch. When you book as for a 'reserved-journey ticket', which guarantees you a seat. Of course they CAN take longer than the train, but not always, and sometimes the cost and convenience are more important than time.

travel by bus

If you’re travelling to or from England or Wales then I would strongly recommend using the National Express . There are various ‘passes’ for different age groups and if you are touring UK then the “Brit Xplorer Pass”, will give you unlimited travel throughout Britain on National Express coaches. As well as National Express, many of the inter-city coaches are run by Scottish Citylink. The other big company that you might use is Stagecoach.

Other Passes and Discount Fares
There are a huge variety of different passes and discount cards available. There’s ones for those with children, full-time students or under 26 years old or the over 50’s. Each bus company has their own, so contact National Express or Citylink to find out the details. If you plan to do a lot of travelling by coach, it may be worth buying an Explorer Pass, which offers unlimited travel on Scottish Citylink.

Local Services
A large number of Local bus companies run services in every local area and throughout Scotland. Sometimes there are so many it can be a bit confusing, and it can be a bit frustrating understanding the timetables and routes which are subject to change.

Obviously, the more urban the area the better the service; whereas in some rural areas the service can be not so frequent. In some very remote parts, the only service will be the school bus, running at roughly 8.30 am and 3.30 pm, and even then that is only in term times.

Postbus Services
Some rural areas, particularly in the Highlands and Islands, you can use the postbus system. This is not really 'travel by bus' in the usual sense as they are normally minibuses which take the mail and maybe also three to ten fare-paying passengers. They leave usually about 8.00 am from the main post office, and collect mail (or deliver it) along the way.

It can give you a real chance to meet locals but can be an unbelievably slow way to travel. But as I said it can be a great way to meet the locals and especially if you’ve found some really lovely gem of a Bed and Breakfast hidden away in some rural out-post. Details can be found on the Royal Mail website or from the Royal Mail Customer Services Tel: 0131-550 8232, while details of relevant local services are available at local Tourist Information Centres found in most towns.

Bus and Coach to and within the Kingdom of Fife.

Getting to Fife from the major airports is quite easy. You can get buses or taxis or indeed a private chauffeur to take you into the city centre Bus Stations, where you only have to ask at the Enquiries or Ticket office to confirm the right bus or coach to your destination. Most bus journeys within Fife and to Fife from Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth and Glasgow are operated by Stagecoach in Fife. Local bus information can be had at any Bus Station.

The Scottish Citylink and National Express provide long distance coach services to and from all parts of mainland UK.

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Travel By Bus

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