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If you want to visit Scotland and travel by train there are a number different tickets you can buy. Scotland's rail network is, well how shall I say this ... it's OK!! Keep in mind that Scotland has huge rural areas so obviously the best rail networks are in the more popular areas around the cities such as Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh the cities of Inverness and Aberdeen. But in the Highlands and Islands and other rural areas, you may have to use a bus to go to a particular place. The train will only take you part way.

The majority of train services are run by First Scotrail, and they go to all the major towns, sometimes on some of the most scenic routes of the world.

Of course you may prefer to travel to Scotland, and get around all the time by bus (coach) and if you're interested in this mode of transport check out this page on Travelling by Bus. Another way you may wish to either get to your hotel from the airport etc or indeed arrange specific tours is through using the services of a Chauffeur Driven Car Company. Click that link to learn more and even more the services of a chauffeur I can thoroughly recommend.

When you travel by train around Scotland you can buy Rail Tickets for trains at stations, or in advance from major travel agents, or over the phone and online with a credit card.

You can book your train tickets not only to and around Scotland, but to and from any town in the UK here

Some stations are very small and if the ticket office is closed, then you can normally get your ticket on the train from the inspector using cash or a credit card. Please note however, that it is unlikely you'll get any special deals or discount Fares and Passes this way

There is HUGE NUMBER of ticket choices with discounts available over many different categories based on, for example, age, numbers travelling, advance booking and time of travel, and combining train travel with other transport options. Check out the First Scotrail website for some of the options available

They also offers a couple of travel Passes that you might want to look at.. The most flexible is:-

  • The Freedom of Scotland Travelpass, which gives unlimited train travel within Scotland. It's also valid on all Caledonian MacBrayne Ferries and on various buses in the more rural and remote areas. They also give discounts on Northlink Ferries which will take you to Orkney and Shetland. There are a number of different variations of the pass which are available with discounts for people who hold a National Rail Card.
  • The Highland Rover allows unlimited travel on trains within the Highland area, as well as the West Highland Line, travel between Aberdeen and Aviemore and a few connecting bus routes.

For details of all the various discounted national rail passes running to or indeed from Scotland and also indeed getting around when you are here, check out the National Rail website.

If you're planning to go around other parts of UK then there are other tickets available such as the All-Line Rover, which allows 7 or 14 consecutive days' travel (with even more discounts for those who hold a National Rail Card).

You can buy the BritRail Passes but you have to get them either online or using a Travel Agent in your own country before you come. There are also a number of discounts available for different age groups such as those under 26 or if you are over 60, and for those families.

However, if you have been resident in a European country (outside Britain) for at least 6 months, then you could get an InterRail Pass, which will allow you unlimited train travel within Britain. This is a great a way to travel by train, if Scotland is part of a longer European trip, and will certainly give you more value-for-money. You can buy this online at the RailEurope website.

If you're travelling to the Kingdom of Fife the 3 main Rail companies to get you here are:

My Top 5 tips to find the cheapest fares.

These tips are especially important during peek holiday times such as mid summer, Christmas and New Year

1. Book in advance

The earlier you book, the cheaper the fares.

2. Buy single tickets

Two single fares are often cheaper than a return.

3. Travel off peak

Avoid busy times when demand and prices are lower.

4. Be flexible

There may be alternative, cheaper routes for your journey.

5. Use your railcard

Save up to a 1/3 on most fares.

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