Underneath Mens Kilts

This $50 million question, "What is worn underneath mens kilts?" is asked by virtually everyone who is not Scottish. From the English to Americans, from Germans to South Americans, from everywhere around the world, the Scottish Kilts and what men wear under it fascinates people.

In fact you may have heard the old joke, with a 'play' on words:-

An American tourist asked a Scotsman in a Kilt, "Excuse me sir, but could you tell me what's worn underneath mens kilts?"

"Nothing madam," the Scotsman answered, "it's all in perfect working order!"

You'll see Scotsmen in national dress at a number of functions, and always at Highland Games. If you've never been to one, then do make that part of your itinerary when you're planning your Scottish vacation. It is quite a thrill to hear the pipes and drums in the Music Events, while watching the grace of the dancers in the Dancing Categories, and seeing the Weights and Athletic Events is awesome, and in particular Tossing the Caber or 'poles tossed by Scots' as visitors often describe it.

You'll also find people wearing other tartan clothes such as skirts, hats etc. By the way if you're not sure what the difference is between tartan and plaid, click HERE.

However, back to the question, "What is worn underneath mens kilts?". If you have ever watched the Braveheart movie with Mel Gibson playing the part of William Wallace, and he and his Scottish army fighting the English, you will have a fair idea of the traditional custom that no undergarments are worn underneath the kilt!

Men in Kilts

My understanding is that it is military regulation for soldiers in Highland regiments to follow this tradition, although I do believe there are exceptions.

It is generally accepted that for any man who has to lift his leg above the knee, it would be acceptable to wear an undergarment. For instance - men participating in Highland Dancing, and the athletes taking part in Highland Games, and indeed Band Leaders who take really high steps would probably wear undergarments.

For everyone else, what is worn underneath mens kilts is a personal choice for each person.

However, please note - it is NOT mandatory to wear your own family tartan/plaid undergarments!!!

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Underneath Mens Kilts

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