Valentines Day in Scotland

Valentines Day in Scotland is certainly a time of celebration. On the 14th of February every year, thousands of people, young and old, check their mail to see if they've been sent a Valentines Card. It's a day when Love is declared.

The history of St Valentine's Day dates back to Roman times when St Valentine was martyred for refusing to give up his Christian faith.

It is believed that on the night before he died, he left a wee note to the jailer's daughter signed 'Your Valentine'. He died on 14th February which some see as the onset of spring, with new buds and spring flowers shooting through the winter ground; and this is a time traditionally associated with finding new love. But February 14th has become a time when couples demonstrate their love by exchanging cards and gifts. Some will become engaged to be married, while others will choose that day to marry. By the way if you're looking for a special way to travel to your wedding, have a look at Travelling in Style with a horse-drawn carriage.

It is believed that the remains of St Valentine's remains are in the church of Blessed St John Duns Scotus in Glasgow', a little-known fact that has led to Glasgow styling itself as the 'City of Love' in recent years.

Scotland's reputation for romantic venues is already well known throughout the world. Indeed the small village of Gretna Green is famous around the world as THE place for romantic weddings. It is the first village over the Scottish border on the road from England to Glasgow. It is particularly renowned for being the place where young English couples in particular eloped; as English Law said they could not marry until they were 18 years old, whereas in Scotland marriage is allowed at 16.

Of course, the "romance" of marrying in a romantic Scottish Castle has appealed to many couples from around the world, and many celebrities such as Madonna have chosen to do this. She got married in the exclusive Stobo Castle, once home to the great Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who was born in Dunfermline in Fife.

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Tradition of Valentine's Day in Scotland
For Valentines Day in Scotland, people give or send cards to their loved ones with special Valentine messages. These cards are popularly known as “Valentines” and are often sent anonymously. Cards are designed with lovely red hearts, and Valentine special symbols to reflect love and trust. On that day people eagerly wait for the postman to deliver their Valentine's card.

Craze and passion for Valentine's Day is seen in the shops and stores soon after Christmas, and definitely just after New Year. Although the next celebration after Hogmanay is Burns Night on 25th January, shopkeepers, hoteliers and restaurant owners all try to cash in on the romantic occasion of Valentine's Day, and evidence of their marketing is EVERYWHERE, with cards, gifts, special offers at hotels and special meal-deals.

Even young folk still at school people, join in the tradition buying or making making Valentine cards for the boy or girl who has 'caught their eye'. The cards are often filled with valentine poems and verses. Sometimes, they also write poems on the envelope to speed up the delivery by the postman. Indeed I remember as a youngster sending a valentine's card where every white space imaginable was covered in verse, both romantic and funny; and of course for the young - the tradition was that you never signed it. It was up to the person you sent it to to guess who it was from. If, you got more than one valentine card, then your confidence rose indeed.

Valentines Day in Scotland Chocolates

Celebrating Valentine's Day
Valentines Day in Scotland is often celebrated by a romantic candlelight dinner in a restaurant or hotel, or sometimes one makes the other a special meal at home. The couple exchange gifts and cards and do what they can to make the other feel loved and special. Of course, being whipped away to a Castle Hotel with a 4 Poster Bed, and being served a Champagne Breakfast in bed, is indeed something special! The traditional gifts exchanged are, of course, red roses and heart-shaped chocolates; these are are always popular, but other more imaginative gifts are also given. If you love being creative, why not make some delightful Valentine Ornaments.

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Valentines Day in Scotland

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