Fife Visitor Attractions

The kingdom of Fife has plenty to do for everyone, including a number of interesting visitor attractions. There are sports of every kind, including, of course, the sport which makes Fife famous as the home of Golf. Fife also has some wonderful dedicated cycle routes where you can enjoy quieter spots away from the hustle and bustle of too much traffic.

Then again you may be more interested in some of glorious historic buildings, or prefer the culture of looking at Art Galleries and Museums, or just relaxing in one of the parks and gardens or one of the fine beaches, or even going for guided walks or boat trips.

Check out the things to DO in Fife page for an overview of ideas. But also have a wee look at the 'places to see' pages to get your bearings.

Of course I also recommend you check out the weather before planning your activities, and deciding which visitor attractions to go to.

North Queensferry - is just over the Forth Road Bridge and a mere 5 miles south of Dunfermline.

  • Deep Sea World, Scotland's National Aquarium - virtually right under the Awesome Forth Rail Bridge. This attraction houses the largest collection of sharks in Europe and is one of the world's longest underwater tunnels. The resident seals usually delight me, but you can also see the piranha or touch live exhibits in the rock pools. They are open all year apart from Christmas Day. Call +44(0)1383 411 880 for admission times and costs.


  • Earthship Fife Visitor Centre - this amazing visitor centre is quite unique. Fife tries hard to be 'good' tot he environment - and this 'earthship' (which I understand is the only one like it in Scotland) is made from used car tyres and drink cans. Needless to say it provides its own electricity, water and sewerage treatment as well as its own heating. There are guided tours as well as special workshops. For details of opening hours call +44(0)1592 891 884.


  • The Harbourmaster's House provides the opportunity to learn more about Fife's unique fishing trade and indeed what makes the coast of the Kingdom so special. As well as the centre there is also a shop and a Bistro. For details call +44(0)1592 656 080.

St Andrews

  • The Aquarium at St Andrews house not only our local friendly seals, but also some other delightful marine life such as seahorses as well as perhaps a slightly more frightening piranhas. There are some new displays from the Amazon and a host of other tropical sea life. It's well worth a visit. It's open daily in the summer but reduced hours in the winter. For details call +44(0)1334 475 985

Near St Andrews

  • Scotland's Secret Bunker. This is an amazing place. You could spend hours here. It is set underneath a Scottish farmhouse and a tunnel leads to the Secret Bunker. There's around 24,000 feet of secret accommodation based on 2 floors, and is 100 foot underground. It has a 50's setting - and will give you insight into the secret world of the cold war government and how they would have survived! There is a shop in the entrance hall and a coffee shop set out like a 'canteen' on one of the floors below ground. It's open from April until October. For exact opening hours and charges, call +44(0)1333 310 301.
Both these visitor attractions near St Andrews are worth a visit.

Near the town of Cupar - there's a couple of 'animal' visitor attractions just outside Cupar:

  • The Scottish Deer Farm - The delightful park is home to 9 species of deer; as well as being a wolf centre and having the Birds of Prey section. There is a lovely courtyard shopping area and coffee shop. There are some lovely picnic spots and walkways; and they also organise seasonal events. They're open most of the year, but admission hours to see the animals is less in the winter months. For information on opening hours and admission charges phone +44(0)1337 810 391.
  • Kingdom Animal Centre - Just a few miles further along. Some of the residents include parrots, monkeys, donkeys wallabies and llammas; and more are being added all the time. There is a restaurant with good long opening hours. Another great place to take the family. It's also been the venue for some music events. For details on opening hours and admission charges call +44(0)1337 831 830
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Fife Visitor Attractions

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