Want to visit my God-Father in St. Andrews, & follow my Heritage...

by Kendall Graysen-Thomson
(Oklahoma, US)

Scottish & Proud

Scottish & Proud

Scottish & Proud Near my da's home... Would love to visit!

I actually was given a link through Facebook after joining a group called our Celtic Ancestors.
Am planning a trip there to visit my adopted da'.
Actually, my God-Father in St. Andrews. Am looking for help in learning the money exchanges, travel tips, well...actually most anything to do with staying there, as well as getting there, & what I need to anticipate upon arrival, etc.
Am looking into medical care there as well. I plan to send a special message about that...
Castles, biking and hiking are my first loves, and hope to get to see many...The attached pics are only 2 of them...
Your website is absolute Quality! Not to mention Brilliant & Majic! ~Aye, phrases my Glasgow friend says quite often, but fits here!
I wish for nothing more than to have dual citizenship like my da', but that will need far more research.
I never thought I'd be in opposite sides of my comedic idol, Craig Ferguson, whom wanted nothing more than to become American, where I wish nothing more than to become Scottish!

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