The tastiest and most comprehensive collection of popular authentic scottish recipes all in one easy to follow downloadable ebook.

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Whether you are new to cooking Scottish food or looking for some fresh inspiration, my downloadable ebook could be just what you have been looking for.

I love it! Thank you so much for enlightening my journey to wonderful traditional Scottish food.” - Angie S, Perth, Australia


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*** ONLY £4.99 *** 

Become A Master Of Scottish Recipes

This 112 page ebook is crammed full of easy to follow tasty recipes that I guarantee will have you inspired to get creative in the kitchen.

Each recipe comes with an entertaining yet educational introduction to teach you of its heritage. Cooking from traditional local recipes is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the culture of another country.

This handy downloadable ebook is easy to follow on mobile phones, tablets, kindles and laptop computers. Why not take your iPhone or iPad to the kitchen to follow the simple instructions? Save to your phone and take the recipe ebook with you everywhere you go, who knows when it could come in handy!

These are my own recipes tried, tested and perfected, Many have been passed down through the generations and found only in our land. Why not treat a loved one with a truly personal gift? My ebook is suitable for beginner’s right up to self-proclaimed experts.

★ Priced at just £4.99 you get lots for your money in this handy traditional recipes ebook 

Surprise your friends and family with some real nourishing Scottish grub that they will never forget, sharing the stories behind these recipes also makes for brilliant dinner party conversation. Your guests will certainly have a memorable evening!

** ONLY £4.99 ** 

Example Ebook Recipe Pages

*** ONLY £4.99 *** 

*** ONLY £4.99 *** 

Happy Readers

“Having returned from a 2 week vacation in Fife we were keen to recreate some of the delicious food we encountered on our trip. This ebook is just what I was after, the recipes always result in delicious (plate licking good) meals. I have become a master of the Cullen Skink which is a firm favourite of friends and family to have tried it.”

Gregory R, Texas, USA 

“This is the first ebook I ever bought and it won’t be my last! It was so handy to be able to carry the comprehensive guide in my pocket everywhere. On one occasion I found myself stuck for ideas whilst wondering around the supermarket so pulled out my beloved Traditional Scottish Recipes e-book and brought all I needed for the roast Venison I had been meaning to try. The result was absolutely beautiful, I have repeated this dish 3 times already and can’t wait to explore more new recipes.”

Mr Porter, London, UK 

“I was really excited to share some of the yummy meals my partner and I fell in love with whilst on a golfing trip to St Andrews. This beautifully presented ebook has taught me all sorts about the way of life for real the Scottish and I love it! Thank you so much for enlightening the path to great traditional Scottish food. It has been magical to share our Scotland experience’s with friends whilst serving up a lovely dinner.” 

Angie S, Perth, Australia