Aussie Fifer frae Methil

by Les Garbett
(Newcastle NSW Australia)

Hi my name is Les Garbett.I'm an Aussie Fifer living near Newcastle NSW Australia and brought up in Methilhill & Denbeath in the 50s & early 60s. I can still remember the Wonder Store in high street Methil, Jimmy Maidments billiard saloon in Denbeath, the Gaiety picture theatre in Denbeath, I also use to sell crisps, pies & sweeties from Sunnygogies Cafe at the old Bayview Park on game day and play the fruit machines at his shop.I have some old photos from Methil Primary School that I will post when I dig them out. I found the site when I was doing research into accomodation as my wife & I are coming to the UK next year, first time back since 1964 & I couldnt believe my old house at Lilac Bank is still there.Its interesting to see they built the Fife Police station on the site of the old slag bing from Wellesly Colliery.My stepdad use to drive buses for Alexanders at Aberhill.

Will post some photos soon, great site a must for Fifers to visit thank you for your dedication.

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