by Fiona M Campbell


My magical, mysterious mountain
I gaze in awe
At your silhouette on the sunrise

A celestial, celebration in the sky
Hues of yellow and orange bleeding together
A shimmering, spectacular sight
Yet, you match its glory

You call me to you and my quest begins
A tranquil walk through a tunnel of trees
The scent of pine, spruce and fir filling the air

In the silence, I can hear your song
The whispering wind, the babbling brook
The cuckoo’s call
How many wonders does this forest hide?
Deer and red squirrels, running wild and free
A buzzard soaring above

The terrain changes before me
A colourful carpet of purple heather
Entwined with primroses and bluebells

The steep path climbs ever higher
Till with pride, I take the rocky steps
To the granite summit
The mither tap of Bennachie

Fiona M Campbell

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