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This is yet another amazing sculpture in the modern town of Glenrothes in central Fife. As mentioned in other photographs, Glenrothes has a number of fascinating modern sculptures dotted around the town.

I think locals take them for granted and hardly notice them, but if you are in Glenrothes it's worth going round to see them and getting some interesting photographs. Most of the Kingdom of Fife has ancient castles and palaces, so these modern sculptures are quite a contrast.

Malcolm Robertson is the artist who created this evocative piece of birds in flight. It is a shame that it is "stuck up" against a rather ugly office block and not given a more appropriate setting.

Fife is home to a wonderful Bird Sanctuary on the shores of Loch Leven and at various times of the year you will see flocks of birds (eg geese) flying 'into' Fife or heading 'south' for the winter. So this sculpture is very appropriate.

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Aug 16, 2010
Bus station statue
by: Concrete cow

I would love to know more about other sculptures in Glenrothes.....especially the family group in front of the bus station!

Nov 12, 2007
backing group
by: Susan

I think you are so right, its a great evocation of the flocks of birds but wouldn't it be absolutely fabulous if it had the sky as a background. I like the image though, and again will have to make an effort to check out some of these amazing finds of sculpture.

Nov 07, 2007
Great Flight
by: May

Great sculpture. I think you're right - its location doesn't do it justice. But it's still an amazing work of art.

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