Bletherin on the bus

by Fiona M Campbell

Bletherin on the bus

Foo ye daien? I’ve nae seen ye in donkeys
Faur ye gaen the day then?
Div ye nae min that I ging for a muckle messages on a Friday?
I aye pick up ma fish fae the market an ma rowies fae the baker
Faur ye gaen on this bus onywy?
I have tae get new glaisses
I cannae see onything at a these days
How can I keek oot ma windae withoot ma glaisses?
Did ye hear aboot Jimmy Broon?
He’s deid ye ken- a fine man wis Jimmy
Fit ye battin yer gums aboot?
Jimmy Broon wis in the Coopie last week!
Fit aboot thon Irish lassie fa still bides wi her ma?
Elsie telt me that she’s expecting a bairn ony day noo
An her nae married! I heard it was the postie
Niver! It was thon laddie wi the holes in his lugs
You’ll niver guess fa I sa at the bingo the ither nicht
Div ye min on Francis? Well she telt me that Maggie telt her that
Jessie’s got a new bidie in and he’s nae e’en half her age
Dearie me! Fit a palava, we’re owre old for that malarkey
Foo’s your Bert daien?
He’s aye moanin and aye makin a mess
Fit aboot George?
Jist the same, getting on ma nerves and ne’er liftin a finger
I should’ve listened tae ma da and ne’er married him in the first place
Bert still kens foo tae tickle ma fancy- wi daffies fae the gairden and a strawberry tairt
That aye dis te trick!
Ken fit?
Ah think I’ll pick him up a pokey chips fae the Ashvale on ma way hame

Fiona M Campbell

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Apr 16, 2016
Fife? NEW
by: Anonymous

Och. It wis an Aberdeen bus, no a Fife wan!

Oct 01, 2015
Laughing so much
by: X D&G

Us Scottish people do speak very strangely when you write how it is said, i am copying that to put on the bathroom wall

Feb 20, 2015
Lovely poem
by: Anonymous

Very pleasing

Feb 17, 2015
Fun journey.
by: James

I enjoyed this, thanks for the smile, craving a fish supper now!

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