Bonnie Jean

by Frank Maguire

There's a lady who lives, in a quaint little town
She's a lady so lovely, and held in renown
Respected and loved, and admired by all
Her persona so catching, never fails to enthrall
With a beauty so rare, as has ever been seen
Everyone loves, this young girl - bonnie Jean

Her skin is as soft, as the dew on the rose
Her smile is just perfect, and so is her nose
With eyes of green hazel, that light up the night
And lips that are wholesome, with teeth pearly white
So black is her hair, that emits such a sheen
There's no one to match her, this girl - bonnie Jean

Wherever she ambles, wherever she'll be
Be it walking the meadow, or swimming the sea
The flowers they bloom, and the birds will all sing
Be it Winter, or Summer, in Autumn, or Spring
The sun always shines, on wherever she's been
She shines like a bright star, this girl - bonnie Jean

The men folk, they love her by night and by day
They sing her love songs, when she passes their way
Prepared to betroth, all their wealth by the score
And take her away, to a far distant shore
But she won't leave her town, or the meadow of green
She has found her one true love, this girl - bonnie Jean

He's a common young man, with no silver or gold
With a story to tell, that has yet to be told
He's not very rich, but he's strong and so smart
With a wealth of real love, that lies deep in his heart
He longs to be loved, and he longs for his queen
And this boy has found both, in his girl - bonnie Jean

Their love, is as pure as the new driven snow
A love that will bloom, and continue to grow
They are made for each other, and of that there's no doubt
Twin flames with a fire, that will never go out
Soul mates they sure are, if you know what I mean
So perfect this boy, and his girl - bonnie Jean

They will marry one day in a church by the sea
With vows never ending, and forever to be
Two life's that are one, with a love so divine
Their sun it will rise, and forever to shine
For the depth of their love, there is no in between
True love for this boy, and his girl - bonnie Jean

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Mar 02, 2009
by: May

Hi Frank

I think you'll be catching up with Burns with all your gorgeous romantic poems.
Thanks for this one too.

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