COWANS HIGHLAND TOFFEE(the ain wi the coo)

by Bruce Clark Dick
(Forfar Scotland)

Cowans highland toffee oor ither national treasure, like irn bru an fried mars bars,
it gies fowk lots o pleisur.
Nane o thon jessie jelly beans, miget gems or cherry lips,
Gie us something that clamps yer teeth the gither, an adds inches tae yer hips.

Nae curlywurlys or sherbet dabs, or cissy sweeties please,
Gie me something that dislocates ma jaw,
An draws fillings, like shelling peas.

Nae sweet bon bons , or milky ways, nae slabs o turkish delight
Gie me something that tones up jaw muscles
Makes a death grip o yer bite

Gie me something tae keep in mae pocket
Something tae pick aff the fluff.
Gie me a Cowans highland toffee bar
Confectioneries heavy stuff.

Bruce Clark Dick.

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Sep 21, 2011
sweet memories
by: Iain Mitchell

Ah mind seventy odd years ago, when Glasgow was blacked out durin' the war, Cowan's Highland Cream toffee was a treat. I think the manufacturer was "Cowan and MacKay, Glasgow. am I right?
Licorice straps, soda lunch, puff candy. any schoolboys delight. Being able to get these we
couldn'y lose the war!

Sep 21, 2011
Why is it losing money?????
by: David King

Per BBC Website Sept 21st - Selling 140 million bars per year(384 thou/day or 16 thou/hour) with reportedly 103 jobs at stake, where is the problem? How can you fail to make money and end up in administration? This is quite a managerial achievement. I would love to get my teeth into this one in more ways than one.

US-based Scot

Sep 20, 2010
by: Omar

It's terrible - the quality of toffee is awfully soft these days. Either tha, or they're just sucky.

Screw Werther's- I want Cowan's.

Jan 05, 2009
Recipe for highland toffee pudding
by: elizabeth mason

My mother used to make a delightful pudding using Cowans Highland toffee.
Unfortuneately over the years, we have mis-laid the recipe.
All I remember is my mother had to break the toffee into small pieces. I don't remember the other ingredients but it certainly wasn't low in calories! Can you help?
Elizabeth Mason

Jul 08, 2008
Stuck on it
by: Pugwash

Ouch! I felt the jaw lock! But oddly my desire for some made me wanting to rush out and buy some - great poem to bring out such a re-action. Thanks Bruce.

Jul 08, 2008
Made me want a bit o' toffee!
by: May

Hi Bruce

Another great wee poem that made me chuckle. I do like your style and your humour.

Thanks again for sharing.

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