Easy Feasts in Anstruther

A real treat for my family and friends is to enjoy one of the most delicious and easy feasts in Anstruther. Sometimes when we’re out and about, we’ll take a picnic, but other times, if we know we’ll definitely be calling in at Anstruther, we plan to indulge ourselves in the traditional fish and chips in batter (served with mushy peas! Before going any further, I suggest you also check out the Things to do in Fife pages. It will help you with what to do in Anstruther, but also I'm sure you'll find plenty of things for the whole family in and around the Kingdom.

Easy Feasts in Anstruther - Fish and Chips and Mushy Peas

Evidence of the fishing trade is everywhere and we know, in advance, that the tantalizing aroma of the famous cooked Fish’n’chips will tempt our appetite without a doubt! Sometimes we’ll eat them in the restaurants (but they can get very busy and you can wait quite a while to get seated) or if it’s a warm and sunny day, we’ll sit outside enjoying them while watching the world go by.

Having easy feasts in Anstruther

Easy Feasts in Anstruther - Fish and Chips.

But before I take you to find these easy feasts in Anstruther, let me tell you a little bit about this delightful place, which is a popular place for holiday makers and day-trippers. In fact people come from all over Fife just for the famous fish and chips. But if it's too busy here, drive just a short distance to the equally charming but less crowded Pittenweam. As far as I'm aware the 'Chippie' there hasn't won any awards, but the traditional fish and chips in batter is still excellent.

Anstruther Harbour

Ansturhter Harbour

Anstuther or Anster (pronounced ‘Ainster’) as it is known by the local has a long history of being a fishing port, and walk around the narrow streets will bring it to life. It’s history includes not only its royal connections but the fishing industry, overseas trade and even smuggling.

Museum Herring Boat

Museum Herring Boat

In the 14th Century, herring fishing was the mainstay, and the monks from Balmerino Abbey owned the land and rented it to the fishermen and were paid in kind with salted herring.

Scottish Fisheries Museum

Scottish Fisheries Museum

The 16th Century lodging of the Abbots is now part of the famous Scottish Fisheries Museum, which tells the history of Anstruther as the capital of the Herring Industry until the shoals deserted during the Second World War. Anstruther became a Royal Burgh in 1587, which gave them the right ot hold weekly meetings and an Annual Fair.

Sail to the Isle of May

Sail to the Isle of May

Nowadays, the fishermen bring in shellfish, and the harbour is increasingly used for pleasure crafts. If you're there on a nice day, do take the trip to the Isle of May and see the most wonderful wildlife. But if you're prone to sea-sickness - then maybe have your easy feasts in Anstruther, the wonderful fish and chips on your return!

The sea trade in the past was mostly with Europe and you’ll see evidence of the Dutch and other European influence in the architecture.

But the smuggling of wine, sugar, cloth and tobacco played a part in the “trade”. If you go to Dreel Bridge you’ll see the 16th century pub, “The Smuggler’s Inn”, which was later used by the Jacobite conspirators as their meeting place in 1715.

However, you might well be asking the question still about where you can get these delicious and easy feasts in Anstruther.

Well just walk along the the sea front and "follow your nose"! The aroma will certainly take you to one of the 'Chippies', and I'm sure your mouth will be watering. I hope you enjoy it.

Fish and Chip Shop

easy feasts in anstruther - Fish and chip shop

By the way, if you live in Canada or America and want to buy some Scottish Food products you can get them at Caledonian Kitchen Med. Just place your order and they will ship direct from the States.

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