Easy Tasty Stovies.....Glasgow Style ...with GIANT YORKSHIRE PUDDING!

by Jansen

Try this easy tasty Storvies ... Glasgow Syle ... with Giant Yorkshire Pudding.

6 Pork Sausages, I use Scottish Recipe ones with the skin on
6 Large potatoes, Peeled and diced
1 Ham cube
2-3 Oxo or Bovril cubes
salt and pepper to taste


  • Boil the sausages in water. grease will float to the top, change water and continue until most of the grease is gone then the skins on the sausages will start to come away. Remove the skins and then slice the sausages.
  • Peel and dice the potatoes and place into boiling water, make sure you use a large pot. Add Sausages and oxo/bovril cubes to taste. Remove any excess grease that comes to the top.
  • Boil for at least 30mins until the potatoes are soft and add ham or beef stock cube sometimes half a stock cube is all you need so try half first and taste it.

That's it! It's really tasty and I like to serve it with a GIANT yorkshire pudding!
For the Yorkshire Pudding just use -

4oz of Plain Flour/All purpose flour,
just over a quart pint of milk,
1/4 teaspoon salt,
1 egg.


  • Heat an oven proof bowl in the oven GAS MARK 7 while you make the mixture.
  • Sieve flour into a bowl and add salt, make a well in the middle and drop in the egg and half of the milk, whisk until mixed and you should see air bubbles on top, then add the remainder of the milk and whisk. You can leave to sit in the fridge for 30 mins, (but that's not important).
  • Anyway, then heat a tablespoon or 2 of sunflower oil in a pan until you see smoke coming from it, then it's ready to pour into the bowl heating in the oven. Once it's poured in slowly pour in the mixture and cook near the top for about 35mins.


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Mar 25, 2015
by: Yanny

I love pudding and this share on the GIANT YORKSHIRE PUDDING is much interesting. Thank you so much for sharing the details and the recipe of this pudding. Are there any other things that I should consider before making this pudding?

Sep 04, 2009
Mmm! Sounds yummt!
by: May

Hi Jansen
This recipe sounds super - and as you say nice and easy to do. I'm sure lots of the visitors to the site will try this recipe.
Thanks for sharing it.

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