Grace Before Dinner

by Rabbie Burns

Submitted by Catriona

Rabbie Burns' famous Selkirk isn't the only Grace he wrote. I like these ones too.

Grace One

O thou, in whom we live and move-
Who made the sea and shore;
Thy goodness constantly we prove,
And grateful would adore;
And, if it please Thee, Power above!
Still grant us, with such store,
The friend we trust, the fair we love-
And we desire no more. Amen!

Grace Two

O thou who kindly dost provide
For every creature's want!
We bless Thee, God of Nature wide,
For all Thy goodness lent:
And if it please Thee, Heavenly Guide,
May never worse be sent;
But, whether granted, or denied,
Lord, bless us with content. Amen!

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Jul 13, 2015
I hae ma doubts
by: Anonymous

Thanks for reminding me of these excellent lines but just to say yet again that Robert Burns did not compose the Selkirk grace. Google it and you'll see that it was an old grace. It is simply that Burns did recite it at the home of the Earl of Selkirk. It has nothing to do with the Selkirk Arms in Kircudbright.

Feb 02, 2009
Appreciated seeing these
by: Christine

I have read them several times and decided the word "fair" could certainly be spelt "fare", Burns did love the ladies.

Feb 25, 2008
by: May

Hello Douglas
Thanks for your comments.

As I am not sure if Catriona will look at these comments - I looked up the 'Graces' in my Book, "The Complete Works of Robert Burns". The spelling of the word 'fair' is correct in the original, although the meaning certainly seems to be 'fare'. So I have decided to leave it as 'fair'.

But thanks for pointing that out. I also understand the 'silent' graces too.

Feb 25, 2008
thanks for grace
by: Douglas

Thanks for these. Grace is sometimes said, sometimes thought. We occasionally have a silent grace, holding hands round the table - a Quaker grace.

ps the 7th line of Grace 1: should be fare not fair?

Jan 20, 2008
by: May

I really appreciate the Selkirk Grace - and these two are great alternatives. Some visitors have recently asked me if Burns had done any more - so thanks for sharing these.

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