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The Iris Sculpture is now located close to a roundabout at the junction of Leslie Road and Western Avenue in the modern town of Glenrothes in central Fife. They are huge and spectacular, and act as an amazing landmark for people. Glenrothes is a town that has many roundabouts and people often refer to this one as the 'Iris roundabout'.

However, this sculpture has a very interesting history. The individual iris plants were almost twice their present height and towered over the Glenrothes New Town exhibition at the Glasgow Garden Festival which was held in the Prince`s Dock in Govan in 1988.

The sculpture is floodlit at night, which of course is quite lovely to see and helps with it being a great landmark.

The Local Council has to come and clean them from time to time, and that seems to be a mammoth job.

This is definitely another sculpture to photograph when you are visiting Fife.

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Sep 19, 2017
I really enjoyed them when we lived there. NEW
by: Linda Sneed

My husband and I lived in Glenrothes for 2 years and these are as beautiful in person (if not more so) than in a photo. I took a photo of them myself and I always enjoy the reminder of the short but memorable time when we lived there.

Jan 29, 2011
How do I get there?
by: Anonymous

Hi Ian, could you please tell me how to get to the Iris roundabout?
Is it an easy walk from the bus station?
Thank you

Oct 29, 2007
Floral Fife
by: May

Thanks for this, Ian. These amazing sculptures really do act as a landmark, like the previous person commented. But one thing I love is that in the spring, all the way along the roads leading to these Irises, the grass verges are absolutely covered in the most glorious daffodils.

Of course Glenrothes is also known as the 'town of roundabouts', yet throughout every season, every roundabout has glorious flower displays.

Oct 29, 2007
Take a bit of watering!
by: Anonymous

Thanks Ian, I think out of all the sculptures in Glenrothes this is one of my favourites.

It is also a great landmark for navigating - but I bet they take some watering in Summer!

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