Lovely Site

by Diane
(50 miles NW of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Son Grandma Me

Having learned, recently, that I am so much more Scottish than I ever knew before, I've been surfing the Internet to learn more about my heritage in the Highlands and Islands of the red stag, black-faced sheep, and shaggy-blond, long-horned cattle. I loved the poetry on your site. I smelled the sea foam. I remain exhilarated. This Christmas, I'm giving a few of my favorite people "vacations in a box" ... a box filled with photos, travel brochures, stickers, poems, legends, music CDs, travel and fantasy DVDs, Clan Cameron tartan plaid scarves, Harris Tweed wallets, appropriately filled pewter flasks ... and, an inflatable unicorn horn for a white cat. These come with a Christmas Eve offering of Scotch broth, Haggis, Taties, bashed Neeps, a wee bit of whisky, and, later, plum pudding with hard sauce, or tablet. I've still got a lot to prepare, but my gift to myself is the fun of it all, and the hope that I actually might persuade my husband and son and family to visit Scotland with me before it's too late! Thank you for putting together such a very nice showcase of a mighty grand land.

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