Maid O' The Loch

by Hellon

There wiz a maiden fair o' face
wae bonnie auburn hair
she wiz a beauty in hur time
sae full o' charm an' grace.

Many suiters hid come chappin'
upon this maiden's door
bit her heart she'd geid tae anithir
sae many years afore.

She loved hur man, o' how she did
sae fond, she loved him well
bit his rovin' eye caught anithir
an' he wiz captured by hur spell.

The maiden tried sae very hard
fur tae win hur favours back
bit hur man wiz quite enchanted
wae the new love that he did tak.

She' couldnae live withoot hur love
this maiden cast aside
fur she hid waited o' sae lang
tae be hur loved one's bride.

O'er a loch sae dank an' murky
wiz a bridge where lovers met
a mist closed in around hur
an' so this stage wiz set.

The chill wiz bitin', the chill wiz cruel
still the maiden passed this way
never again tae be seen
or so the legend says.

A blue ribbon that once tied the curls
upon hur auburn hair
wis found tied tight tae the brig
the only sign that she'd been there....

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Mar 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

Very sad indeed. But superbly crafted and written with real style. A very enjoyable read indeed.


Mar 02, 2009
What a sad tale of love.
by: May

Hi Hellon
What a sad love poem - full of hope then disappointment, then sadness.
Thanks for sharing.

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