Memories from a west coast primary school

by Colin

I found this site by googling sentences from, 'The wee cooper o' Fife'. I tried, 'there was a young coupar/cooper' and 'Elaine Quorashity', before happening upon it by writing, 'who lived in Fife. I've been meaning to search for this song for a long time as it was my favourite from my primary school days in Blantyre. Imagine this nowadays: the clash of cymbals, the shake of maracas, a triangle and 30 weans singing, 'I'll no' thrash you, for your gentle kin,
Nickety nackety noo, noo, noo.
But I will thrash my ain sheep-skin'.
That would be fantastic!
As you said, this is an up-beat tune.
It's a fun song for kids as they don't understand the words.
It's also hilarious for an adult because you do.

All Scottish poems/songs gratefully accepted at

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