Our Family

by Dr Ellen Schmidt
(Scotland, UK)

Finding this wonderful website was just a question of time...
I am creating my own website about recreational Horse Carriage Driving with SBI, our web host and "web family" and met May in the forums there.

May's website has become our "Scottish Bible", our reference book for understanding Scottish culture.
We have been relocating to Scotland (Aberdeenshire)from continental Europe about 5 years ago and never would have believed beforehand how interesting and different Scottish life and traditions are compared to our home countries Germany and Hungary.

I see May's website as kind of a "secure", calm spot, where I feel very well and always welcomed: with a cup of tea or coffee, sitting in front of my PC, reading, finding, learning...it's a "homely" feeling.. and there is always something new!

Added by May
Do have a look at Ellen's site. You will find it at Discover Horse Carriage Driving

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Jan 29, 2008
Thank you so much
by: May

Dear Ellen
Thank you so much for your very kind words. I appreciate them.

For the benefit of any US visitors - the word 'homely' in UK is the same as your word 'homey'

I have also looked at your own website, Ellen, and although I know nothing about horses I have found your site quite fascinating. I hope others will look at it too.


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