Proclamation from the Kingdom

Let's Meet Up and Have a Blether (a chat)

"Proclamation from the Kingdom" is our occasional ezine (Newsletter). I would love to have you join us in the wonderful Kingdom of Fife.

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The tartan in the Ezine Banner below is St Andrews Tartan.

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In the Ezine/Newsletter, we'll have a look each time at:-

  • Some of the 'different' expressions we use here in Scotland and the Kingdom of Fife. For example - I've invited you to have a 'blether' which means a 'chat'.

  • We'll also have a wee quiz which will test your knowledge of Fife. But have no fear - the answer will be given.

  • We'll have a look at what is on, whether it's a
    Golf Championship,
    An Art Exhibition
    A Music or other Festival
    Highland Games
    Another exciting event
    I'll also recommended places to visit
    Restaurants, coffee shops or recipes to try out
    Or any other things that I hope might interest you.

Best wishes

I would be absolutely delighted to hear from you; so please also feel free to email me. Let me know:

  • If there's anything you've enjoyed about the site or the newsletter'
  • If there is anything you'd like to know about Fife, and I'll do my best to find out, and I can either add it to the site or put it in the Newsletter
  • If you have any suggestions that would be helpful to other visitors
You can contact me HERE

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Advertise with us!

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