Quick Microwave Christmas Pudding

by Cath
(Fife Scotland)

Quick Microwave Christmas Pudding

Quick Microwave Christmas Pudding

Most Christmas Puddings have to be made weeks in advance, and I often find I'm not organised enough to do this - and then at the last minute have to go and buy one.

But someone introduced me to a recipe they had of making it 'on the day' using bought mincemeat. So I tried out their recipe and then adjusted it to how I liked it. It's quick to make, as it's done in the microwave; and although it can be made on the day, you can still make it up to a month beforehand and then just re-heated on Christmas for around 10 minutes.


10 oz good mincemeat - if you're organised you can make your own, if not use a good quality make (I use Marks and Spencers).
8 oz brown sugar (molasses style)
8 oz self-raising flour.
3 well-beaten eggs
5 oz marmalade (the fine shred is best)
1 oz glace cherries
4 tbs whisky
4 oz frozen butter which is grated or chopped to fine pieces.

Brandy Butter, Rum Sauce or fresh cream to accompany it.


1. Line a pudding basin (2 pt size)with greaseproof paper.
2. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients together in a bowl.
3. Spoon the mixture into the greased bowl and cover it with greaseproof paper.
4. Put bowl on plate and cook in microwave on medium power for 20 - 25 minutes.
5. Test it with a skewer of knife - if it is 'done' the skewer will come out clean.
6. Leave to 'rest' for 5 minutes.
7. Carefully turn on to serving plate and decorate with cream and holly.
8. You can serve with other things like Brandy Butter, Rum Sauce, Custard or whatever you prefer.

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Dec 31, 2016
Simple Pudding.
by: Val. R.

Fantastic...I made the pudding yesterday
Put sherry instead of whisky, smells mmmmmm,can't wait to serve it on New Years Day.

Thank you for such an easy recipe.

Dec 24, 2016
timing for a 2 pint pud
by: JAYS


Found a 2 pint pud uncooked at the back of the freezer and could not find my recipe time for microwave - your time was perfect 20-25mins on medium which for my microwave oven is 600W - 25 mins was spot on and pud was cooked ... so no worry for Christmas Day as I will just reheat after a night of being soaked in brandy.


Dec 16, 2012
fiery comment
by: Anonymous

Set microwave at medium (600W) for 21 minutes - playing safe and using lower end of timing.
Pudding caught fire just after 20 mins!!!!
Suspect my medium is a different rating.

Feb 22, 2012
OMG, looks good!
by: ZWendy

Thank you May for pointing me to this Christmas Pudding! I am totally inspired to try it this Christmas (darn, that's almost a year away!)

I am using Evernote to store this recipe so I don't lose it.

Thanks Ever So Much! Wendy, Michigan

Nov 20, 2011
Microwave power!
by: Lesley

My comment is really a question. I should like to give this recipe a try, but what power is your microwave? It's something that never seems to feature in microwave recipes, but makes a huge difference in the cooking. Thanks

Dec 26, 2010
Oh, so easy!
by: lynn south africa

Great recipe. I used caramel brown sugar to darken the pudding. Added grated peel and juice of 1 small orange to moisten the mixture. Put in a handful of chopped peacan nuts.Although quite moist in centre after cooking, it firmed up when reheated in the microwave on Chritmas day.

Dec 18, 2010
Microwave christmas pudding
by: Anonymous

We live on a boat and have a small gas oven, we have to carry the gas bottles back to the boat when they need replacing and to cook a christmas pudding for the traditional eight hours would use up all the gas. Cooking the pudding in our small microwave instead is simple and I use Delia Smith's traditional christmas pudding recipe. I microwave a one pint pudding for thirteen and a half minutes on high. It's true to say that the pudding will not be as dark as a pudding cooked in the traditional way but if like me you can't spare the gas it's an extremely good alternative. For convenience I cook our puddings about a week before christmas and store them in an air tight box. Heat through on christmas day for five minutes on the re-heat setting or one setting below high. Remember not to cover the pudding with foil just greaseproof paper.

Dec 06, 2010
nice not naughty
by: Rozzy Roz

I have made this pud and it looks nothing like the picture. Its light brown in colour and light a bit like a steamed fruit pud. I can't see how the one in the picture is so dark - its not got any black treacle or stout to darken it. This is best made on the day.

Nov 06, 2010
Kids Xmas Pudding
by: jill

Could I make individual puddings with no alchohol
for kids to sell at a xmas fare? if so how long should I cook them for.

Dec 23, 2009
Christmas Pudding
by: yvonne

How long to you microwave a cooked Christmas pudding for?

Edited by May

Hi Yvonne
I'm not 100% sure - but if my memory serves me right - it is only 2.5 - 3 minutes. Other people may say differently.

Dec 13, 2009
Just what I'm looking for!!
by: Wendy

There's just my husband and myself this Christmas and this sounds perfect. Easy yet traditional it will be a perfect ending to our meal.

Thanks from Vancouver Island!!

Dec 04, 2009
fantastic pudding
by: Challabroom

I must say.. I tried this recipe and it's fantastic... just what I needed to make my christmas complete...ta love

Nov 07, 2009
Christmas Pud
by: Anonymous

I usually just stick mine in slow cooker for 24hrs or so. then put back into slow cooker xmas eve and forget it until time to dish up and decorate lunchtime.But I am going to cook a small sample one today in microwave. Thanks for cooking time advice.

Dec 24, 2008
medium temperature
by: John

what do you mean by medium - my microwave doesn't have high-medium-low settings. thank you

Dec 16, 2008
just made a pud
by: michaela

I have just made a pudding mixture and am trying to decide if I cook it now or on xmas day and reheat it. I have just seen your recipe which looks great but too late for me this year! What do you suggest I do? Cook it now and then microwave it on the day? Thanks

Nov 25, 2007
well done Cath
by: Edwyn

Just what we need - a simple way to make a good old fashioned 'pud'...

Not sure whether some clever researcher has published findings condemning the good ole Christmas pud, not doubt it will kill us like everything else... but what a way to go and on a full stomach!!

One thing I would add to the write up and that is surely we don't have to wait till Christmas to eat one of these!!

Nov 25, 2007
by: May

I'm often disorganised too (or maybe it's just lazy) - but this sounds delicious and very easy to make. I couldn't be bothered to make my own mincemeat, but I might try and get some good quality bought stuff in - and give this a try this year.
Thanks for sharing it.

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