St Andrews Coffee Shops

by John

A typical outside cafe at St. Andrews

A typical outside cafe at St. Andrews

In the quaint little town of St Andrews, which at the time of writing is flowing with visitors from all over the world - there are a number of coffee shops with outdoor seating where you can watch the world go by and listen to all the different accents and 'people watch'.

This, combined with the ancient buildings and the gentle noise of slow moving cars on the cobbled stones, is something worth experiencing.

Of course there is also Starbucks (why, oh why do they still use those heavy workman's mugs which do their excellent coffee no justice!) and Costa Coffee (who use proper cups!) both having very friendly staff and quality coffee. During term time these can be full of students with Apple Macs and buzzing with conversation.

These coffee shops are easily found in the town and you can buy snacks and even meals.

In all of them I have encountered friendly young staff and although at times the snacks can be pricey they are good value as you can spend time enjoying the whole experience.

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Jul 27, 2008
I agree with all you've written!
by: May

Hi John
Thanks for your Review on the Coffee Shops at St Andrews. It is indeed a lot of fun, especially on a sunny day, sitting outside, having a cuppa and watching the world go by.

I know what you mean about the huge mugs at
Starbucks. But of course it's an American company - and not a typical Scottish Coffee Shop. But I do like the fact that you can get WiFi and get online.

But as you say - it's a great experience!

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