Stovies( hotpot)

by Ian May
(Balloch, Dumbartonshire, Scotland)

pork links
lorne sausage.

Partially boil the potatoes and cut into slices.
Cut the turnip and carrot into smal pieces and boil adding salt and plenty pepper.
Chop the onions and carmelie in butter.

Cut the Lorne sausage into small slices and layer the bottom of a casserole dish putting the pork links in between the slices. add plenty of pepper to each layer

Layer the potatoes over the sausage. and add the onions turnip and carrots.

Layer potatoes again and an additional layer of sausage finalized by final layer of potatoes.

Pour in Beef stock and cook in oven.

there are many versions of stovies I am not claiming this to be absolutely correct however it is derived from a recipe my mother made in a pot wich did not have any stock I find this one suits me.

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