The Boozer

by Robert Brews
(Kirkcaldy, Fife)

I'm jist gaun doon the boozer Hen. I’ll be back richt soon”
I’m gaun tae hae a pint or twa in the pub across the toon”
“I’ll hae a chaff wi' some o’ the guys, maybe a game o’ cairds”
“We’ll talk aboot the fitba’, the Rovers or the Herts”
“I’ll be back afore closin' time, Am shair a’ll no’ be fu”
“If ye like a’ll maybe bring a supper back tae you”

‘Yer no’ gaun doon nae boozer, so get yer jeckit aff”
A’ll no’ let ye be like yer Faither, dae ye think a’m aw that daft”
She grabbed Him bae the scruff o’ the neck an’ gea Him sic a glower
“Ye cannae gan doon the boozer, Mate, yer only jist turned fower

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Nov 30, 2014
a childhood memory I'm sure shared by many wanting to be just like father.
by: Jo

A touching tribute to passed years of family life in the eyes of a boy, enjoy this every time as if it's the first time I read it. Bob, you make me smile with you heartfelt words.

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