The Lost Friend

by Maria

The Long Forgotten Friendship
It seems like years
since last time I saw you
But yet I can't forget your charming face,
which as I remembered held such grace.
How shalt I ever forget thee,
When you have been such good friend to me?

Under that apple tree
Over the seventh sea
In the year of two thousand three
Dwells our days of freedom free.
Longing for you is my mind.
When blows the north wind,
I hear thy voice floating in the air. ,
But missing you isn't really fair
"So you see I am here",
"For you anytime you, dear".
Alas, years had passed by
Now I think of blissful days and cry

Time always going by, like a picture on show
What will happens next we'll never know.
But I know we'll always remember sweet memories of our blithe days
Friend we were back then, in our own ways.
The cycle of life will never end
But I wish we were still friends.

So many characters had left
But the happy memories hadn't cleft.
So many days had changed
At one point, when I feel strange.
As we separate our own ways
But never shalt I forget thee throughout my days.

I know that I admired you too
Now that I even realised how much I missed you..
But that's too late to let you know
That missing you hurts me like hundred arrow
For now I can feel the love for you
I vow to thee my dear friend,
That I shall never forget You till the my end.

I will never forget the friendship we shared
For there lays the bliss we dared.
Our friendship was my pleasure,
That's the greatest thing I ever treasure.
wherever am I, I always think of our desperate measure
Yet away from you I couldn't stop looking at reverse.
That finaly shows in my verse.

I know that I am happy as a lark
But my mind is always dark.
Only when I remember our lost friendship
Alas no one can ever replace,
The empty space
Where once you were, seems like a day
when I meet you by the river bay
My life suffer in dismay,
As I look you taken away.

Tears rolled down my cheek
As I peek
To see our sweet memories of those days
It seems our friendship grew wisely

My dear friend
I know not if you are same
I know not if we are still friends
Night and day I think of you dwelling
In the land of Albion.
As the rain falls,
I knew not when you calls.
I am happy if only you are
Even if it seems we are so far apart,
Yet in spirit we are still together.
Though the ocean will separate us
You and I will be toether, in my mind, my dream
My dear friend
please don't ever forget me
For you are the only one I will love forever

wherever I am
I remember you yet.
I dream you with hair of golden waterfall
cascades down in graceful thrall.
Heavenly blue eyes of yours so deep,
Sparkle with excitement you can't keep.
I wonder if anything in this realm could separate us
except the black curtains of death but
still we will meet in our spirit

I wish we hadn't changed as we did today but
my mind won't change only for you even if I had changed
Even though the world will change
so is the cycle of life
Although ocean will separate us from being together so is this world
But You and I will be always be together....
no matter how the world and ocean separate us ...

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Jul 27, 2008
Very Moving!
by: May

Hi Maria

Thank you for sharing your moving poem. I can almost 'feel' the love you have for this person and the things you shared.
There were obviously great happy times and yet you bring out the sadness of no longer being together. Yes, it was indeed very moving.


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