The Tourist Bus

by Bibby Dickie

The city streets go whizzing past,
and country lanes are just as fast.
Look! Highland cows with great big horns!
Naked sheep? (They've just been shorn!)
Another corner Urquhart Castle.
Big queue for parking - worth the hassle?
A photo. Quick. Beside Loch Ness.
Is there a monster? Who can guess.
Rush from the bus into the queue,
whilst others flee to use the loo.
Cream scones and tea all clink & clatter,
from fifty buses folks all chatter
in languages the world over.
They've come to Scotland to discover
there's hills so high yer ears will pop,
that whisky makes yer senses drop,
and tartan's sold in every shop!
When you Visit Scotland Whistle-Stop.

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