The Wee Town of Effen

by Matt McGinn

The Wee Town of Effen

You will have heard of the Wee town of Effen
It’s just outside Edinburgh. It’s Famous for making Honey. They keep Bees there!!!

He kept bees in the little town of Effen
An Effen bee keeper was he
And one day this Effen Bee keeper
Got stung!!!!
By a Big Effen Bee!!!!

Now the big Effen Bee keepers
Wee Effen wife
For the Big Effen “Polis” she ran (policeman)
For there’s naebody can sort out a Big Effen Bee
Better than a Big Effen Polisman can

Now the Big Effen “Polis”
he done his nut
And he ran doon the main Effen street
In his hand was a big Effen baton
He had Big Effen boots oan his feet

Now the Big Effen Polis
caught the Big Effen Bee
And he twisted the Effen Bee’s wing’s
But this Effen Bee got its own back
‘Cos this Effen Bee had two stings

Now they’re both in the Effen museum
And the Effen folk often come see
The remains of the Big Effen Polis
Stung to death!
By the Big Effen Bee!!!!!

Matt McGinn

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Aug 15, 2010
Quite a way with words!
by: May

Hi Matt
You do have quite a way with words. But this tickled me! Thanks for sharing.

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