The Wind.

by Duncan Mclauchlan
(Atlanta , GA, USA)


Outrageous ! Anarchic ! Courageous ! Gentle.
You elemental force of nature.
How many faces do you show ?
Invisible, desirable, derisible, indescribable,
You show us many.

Silent, wafting, warming places,
But sometimes in a changing mood, you gust, - as a reminder,
- or linger, to show sheer determination of manifold purpose.

You cool the face of tropic seas, and warm the shores of distant lands,
But always there, the element of surprise, - lest we should forget you.

One in family with all the elements, you are autonomous, or coexisting, - when it suits,
Wreaking peace or havoc, according to your mood.

I've seen your face in many forms, in sight, and sound, in instinct,
I know you are invisible, but recognise you well.

I've heard you whistle, screech and cry,
I've heard you whisper, weep and sigh,
And heard, and felt, and cherished your force, within, with, and against me.

With, without, all combination, of sun, and cloud, precipitation,
Of rain, and hail, and sleet and snow, you choose you weapons when you blow.
Your anarchic forces blow knifes of ice, and sheets of Hell, against those who would dare to walk into your faceless presence.

In gusting yelps and volleys I have marched into your force,
And have cursed you to the heavens, and have shouted in your face.
How dare you use God-given air, the force of life, to cut me like a surgeon's knife,
And tear my will, and sap my strength,
You have no bloody right.

But when you go, the silence, - the stillness, - makes me lonely,
Makes me miss, your gentle kiss, and kind caress, - like lovers breath, - in time of need.
You help to sow the blowing seeds of love, and peace.

Despite your strength and power .
All men bow before you.
In either servitude - or honour.

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May 21, 2010
by: May

Hi Duncan
What a fabulous poem - it is just so descriptive and oh so very true. We can never control the wind.
Thanks for sharing with us.

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