The Working Men

by Ian Sloan Photography

The Working Men

The Working Men

As mentioned in other photographs, the modern town of Glenrothes in central Fife has numerous modern sculptures around the town.

The town came into being when a large workforce of men moved from the west of Scotland to work in the coal mines around central Fife in the late 1940's.
They moved over to Fife with their families, starting a whole new communtiy. This industry of course is no longer viable and few coal mines survived the changes.

This bronze tableau is found in the foyer of the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes. It is a work by Malcolm Robertson, the first Town Artist and depicts coal miners. This reflects the rich heritage of mining in Fife and the origins of Glenrothes.

Once again, if you are in Glenrothes, do take some time to examine some of these amazing works of art.

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Oct 19, 2010
Is there more
by: Brother Steven

I would like to find out what information I can about the Sculptor , Malcom Robertson . My e-mail is or Thank you , Br Steven Robertson

Nov 12, 2007
Hats off to them
by: West Coast Girl

There is such a solemnity to this one, and as said by another commentator, it feels like a memorial - after yesterday's armistice day services across the country, I can see how these men too sacrificed themselves to sustain our communities. It seems a very moving and worthy tribute, there seems to be some grim consideration going on anyway.
On a lighter note I am glad to see that the miners originally came from the west coast - I knew I'd an affinity with the Kingdom, but here we were in our earlier history trying to sort you all out over there!

We've got a Canadian staying with us just now who used to work down the Nickel mine in Sudbury and said he only did it for a year or two because it was so awful. Isn't it amazing how these miners often worked for generations in these terrible conditions. Thanks Ian for showing us this lovely place, and it's one of the highlights to see on the growing list for my next visit - to sort out my pals in the Kingdom of Fife and share some west coast opinions!

Nov 08, 2007
Lest we forget
by: Captain Pugwash

In many ways this sculpture is like a memorial.

The men who worked down the mines,and in some cases gave their lives doing it - to keep this country moving.

I have met many men who were miners and cannot help but admire them for what they did. I cannot imagine being lowered down into the bowels of the earth and spend my working day and working life there.

This work is quite imposing where it is placed and you cannot pass it by without standing and staring at the solemnity and mood of the piece.

Thanks Ian

Nov 06, 2007
I must be blind
by: May

Do you know I have passed this literally hundreds of times ...... and never stopped to view it. I'll make a point of checking it out next time I'm in Glenrothes Town Cewntre.

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