Things to do for a retired lady teacher to do in Edinburgh.

by Eiligh Huntingford

I am retiring to Edinburgh very soon and I would like to immerse myself in Scottish culture and life. Any ideas on how I can spend an active retirement? Many thanks.

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Jul 13, 2008
Loads to do!!
by: May

Hi Eiligh

Thanks for your question. You don't give me any clue as to your interests/hobbies etc. But Edinburgh is a wonderful city with all-year round activities for everyone.

When you move up I suggest you call into your local library and they will have a list of clubs, classes and activities that are available throughout the city.

I'm not able to list all that is available here, but I know that there will be some of the following:-

- Every sport imaginable.

- Classes and clubs on hundreds of subjects from all kinds of Arts & Crafts (from fine art to pottery to jewellery making), foreign languages (or even gaelic), dancing (including Scottish country dancing), photography, computers, and hundreds more.

- You may find there are Clan Meetings (if you are part of a clan)

- Also as Edinburgh is an all-year city for tourists - there may be opportunities to do voluntary (or paid) work a few hours a week as a guide etc at one of the tourist spots.

As I said earlier, I suggest you contact the Local Library who will have a list of EVERYTHING available. You can then browse that list and see what appeals to you.

I hope this has encouraged you, that there will be plenty of things to do to enable you to have an interesting and enjoyable life in Edinburgh.

May I wish you a happy and fulfilling retirement.

Kind regards

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