Thirsty Hippos

by Ian Sloan Photography

Thirsty Hippos

Thirsty Hippos

Stanley Bonnar joined the team of Glenrothes Town Artists and created the iconic concrete hippos. They are situated in several locations throughout the town. These fine specimens are heading for a drink in the childrens' paddling pool in the Town Park (now sadly drained for "health & safety reasons"!).

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Dec 15, 2010
by: Cat_lady

Would anyone be willing to donate an old Observer colour supplement of either 1975 or 1976, featuring new town art in an article, and with a lovely picture of a wee girl on one of the stone hippos? That wee girl is 38 now. email me if you are willing to sell or donate this, if anyone has kept it. Thanks.

Sep 23, 2008
Hippo Credits
by: Anonymous

The hippos were designed by David Harding, and constructed for the Glenrothes Development Corporation in the late 60s.
They do look a bit thirsty nowadays though....

Nov 08, 2007
What about the Hippos rights?
by: Hippocropus

I always smile when I see these hippos. As Ian has said the water has gone for 'health and safety' reasons - what about the hippos rights?

They stand there day in day out, enduring snow,wind,rain and direct sun ....waiting for a drink - waiting for the cool water to ease their plight - but alas.

Look at their poor sad faces, waiting in vain for Brussels to have mercy on them.

Haven't hippos got any rights?

Great picture Ian

Nov 08, 2007
on parade
by: Susan

My friend saves hippos and will absolutely adore this one. Now I'll have to tell her where her next break is when she comes back from Japan next week ... maybe Glenrothes isn't as exotic as Japan but I guess she didn't see many hippos on her tour there! Pity about the missing water, I suppose they could just fill it with sand and make it a mud hole instead of a watering one!

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