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Traditional Scottish Games - Highland Games

In the Scottish Highlands, there is a rich culture and history. Highland Games are one of the most popular games in these areas. Initially, they were employed to prepare warriors for battle, but now, they serve mainly to maintain Scottish culture, dating back to the 18th century and continuing to be performed to this day in various forms, another game that is slowly creeping into the Scottish favour is 2021 Trustly slot sites it may not prepare you for battle like highland games but what it does do it better your pocket if you play you slots right.

Highland Games

The Cowal Highland Gathering near Dunoon, Argyll, attracts an estimated 23,000 visitors each year to experience the fantastic atmosphere and spectacle. World-famous sportsmen and dancers battle for prized medals under the backdrop of the pipes and clan colours on kilts. One of the world's most stunning Highland games, the Cowal Highland Gathering, is held each year in Scotland.

For hundreds of years, the Highland games have become an essential element of Scottish culture and remain as popular as ever. Highland games are celebrations of Scottish and Celtic tradition, particularly those of the Scottish Highlands, conducted in the spring and summer throughout Scotland and beyond. Seeing the spirit of camaraderie, pride of place, history, and joy during Highland Games Events in Scotland just adds to the appeal.

The 7 Scottish Highland Games Event

For each Highland Games event, there is a distinct character, tradition, and venue. Participants in open heavy events must wear kilts in line with the Scottish Highland Games Association regulations.

Throughout Scotland, you'll often find outdoor venues hosting Highland games. The caber toss, the tug of war, and the hammer throw are all part of a Highland game, which also includes Highland dance and music and a variety of activities for the whole family.

Scottish Hammer Throw

However, competitors use an unusual hammer in the Scottish Highland Games competition, which isn't seen in most tool sheds. In addition to the 22lb metal ball, the handle has been made from a piece of wood and is attached to it. As the thrower approaches, the athlete keeps his back turned to the target.

To get the greatest potential velocity, he rapidly coils his Hammer round his head before releasing it. Elite athletes can throw a 22 lb. hammer 115 feet with ease. The hammer throw is the only event where participants are not permitted to spin, apart from in the Olympic Games.

Tug O War

It has remained a popular game throughout the globe, and it was even an Olympic sport for a few years till it was banned in 1920. Scottish people still like playing tug-of-war. Tug-O-War is one of the most popular choices in modern Highland Games Events. Also, it is one of the first highland games introduced among highland games traditions.

Two groups of eight tough men are all that's required (but some games allow for five-person teams), a stout rope, and a leader for each team. A team must drag their opponents six feet forward using the rope in a best-of-three match up in terms of winning.

The popularity of tug-of-war in Highland Games, both in Scotland and across the globe, may be attributed to its unique combination of skill, attitude, adrenaline, and sheer power.

Stone Put Event

The Stone Put event in the Scottish Highland Games is quite similar to the Shot Put. Large stones between 20 and 26 pounds in weight are used in the competition. Behind the "trig" or toe board, a throw is made that travels a distance. There are various throwing techniques, including the glide and the spin, that may be used.

By measuring distances from the trig's rear end towards the trace of the large stone leaves when it strikes the ground, one may determine the throw's distance. The best throw from each contestant is recorded for the total result. The winner of the Stone Put gets chosen by the distance the stone travels.

Caber Toss

Heavy-lifting sports such as the Caber Toss are among the most well-known at the Highland Games. Caber logs are typically 20 feet and weigh around 150 pounds. It is just the caber standing on its end, with the athlete holding the short end of the caber in both two hands. To flip the caber, the athlete sprints and stops abruptly, and as the bigger top of the caber is tilting forward, the athlete pushes upward on the short end with all his power, turning it end over end.

Stability is also tested by the caber toss, which requires a runner to maintain the caber in both hands and then throw it. A perfect toss has the little tip of the caber heading away from the contestant at a '12 o'clock' angle from the thrower.

Weight For Height

This competition puts competitors to the ultimate test of their physical prowess. It's called "weight over the bar" because players must toss weights over a raised bar in this game.

A 56-pound weight is thrown above a crossbar in this taxing exercise for the athlete's back. The athlete is permitted three attempts at each height, tossing the weight with one hand from a standing posture. At each stage, the stakes are upped, and weights are launched even higher until just one remains standing.

Haggis Hurling

Highland Games in Scotland are known for their unique customs, like haggis throwing. It's as though the stomach of a stuffed sheep is flying and then crashing to the earth. No rips can be seen on the boiling surface, which still contains the organs. A flawlessly preserved pudding indicates that the haggis was made with care.

As a prank in the 1970s, competitors wanted to test how far a haggis hurled while standing on a whiskey barrel could go, but it quickly became popular, and there is now perhaps a World Haggis Hurling Championship.

Highland Dancing

Solo dancers and groups compete to enchant the spectators with their exquisite footwork in the Highland Dancing section of the Scottish Highland Games.

Sword dances and the Highland fling are among their characteristic routines, which they perform in full costume. With their pulsating rhythm and flowing skirts, the kilt-dancing Scottish athletes sent the pulse racing for all those in attendance, even those who aren't of Scottish ancestry.

During the Largest Highland Games, the top single and group dancers participate in championships and honours every year. Some athletes traverse the globe to compete in various tournaments. As a spectator, you'll never forget Cowal Highland Gathering, which hosts both the Scottish National Highland Dancing Championship and the World Highland Dancing Championship each year.

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