Wan Sunny Morn In May

by Frank Maguire

Tam & Wullie

Tam & Wullie

Twa laddys went a walkin
Oan the road tae Ayrshire toon
Wan oh them wiz Tam Forsyth
An the ither, Wullie Broon
Wae aftershave an best claiths oan
Wae a smile an swagger tae
They heeded intae Ayrshire toon
Wan sunny morn in May

They wur lookin fir a wife or twa
An tae marry in the spring
At the kirk doon by the waterfall
As the choir they wid sing
They set aboot tae find their brides
Sae fast withoot delay
As they searched sae hard in Ayrshire toon
Wan sunny morn in May

They set off tae the library
But nae lassies did they see
The next stop wiz the local gym
But it wiz shut fir tea
They reckoned fur tae try the pub
Thit stood high upon the brae
An there they sat in Ayrshire toon
Wan sunny morn in May

They hud ten pints oh heavy
Wae some nips tae chase them quick
Tam wiz really blootered
An pare Wullie, he wiz sick
The landlord banned the pare oh them
As oan the grun they lay
Crawlin oot oh Ayrshire toon
Wan sunny morn in May

They gote back hame at midnight
Baith wur skint an oot their mind
Reflectin oan their escapade
Oh nae lassies did they find
But they made a pact that very nicht
Tae try again nixt day
An walk the streets oh Ayrshire toon
Wan suuny morn in May

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Apr 15, 2009
Some things never change!
by: May

Hi Frank

Another great poem from you. This one tickled me. I was brought up in Glasgow - and know a fair few guys who were these two, and I think the same thing happens today.

Thanks Frank

Apr 14, 2009
Braw...jist braw!!!
by: Hellon

This reminded me so much of a little island called Tiree that I visited a few times when I lived in Scotland. The lads would make frequent trips 'across the watter' looking for a 'wuman' but more often than not came back with a heid like a ragman's bundle and still very single. Very enjoyable!!

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