wee BATESY "Bhaby"

by Johnny Bates
(Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland)

Intricate feelins an lies that yev shared
Have clouded yer vision, yer mind isny there.
Ye sliced through the bond that kept worlds aligned,
An ye breathed yer last breath wae the contracts ye signed.

You were the hawf that gave light tae the dark,
But yer untruth an visions extinguished yer spark,
Ye laid yersel flat under ridicules hand,
An yer madness engulfed ye beneath hatreds sand.

But am still awake, an a know where yev been.
You never knew but av seen whit yev seen,
But yer thoughts got too fast an then a wis yer dream,
But that coodny work cos oor pain is unseen.

So ye chased me away wae the knife thats yer heart,
Ye took unclean love an ye ripped mine apart,
An the bridge that yev burnt wis oan sanitys edge,
An the grave that am diggins fur love thats now dead.


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