What a fun website

by Shona McKenzie
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Hello May

I found this website while looking for a recipe for Stovies - and I have re-visited over and over again. I love the pages on recipes and poetry and all the contributions from the visitors.

I was born in Kirkcaldy - but my family emigrated to Canada when I was just 6 years old. I am currently over in Scotland visiting some of my cousins and other relatives and have had a wonderful time. This is only my 2nd visit here since I went to Canada 50 years ago.

But I found your site and have enjoyed it so much. You have given us loads of information - and I love all the photos too. My cousins have made me lots of Scottish dishes like Stovies and Clootie Dumpling as well as shortbread, scones, tablet and some delicious soups.

So when I get home I shall continue to keep coming back to your site and try these recipes myself.

Thank you for making such a nice site. Wishing you best wishes.

Shona McKenzie.

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