Share Your Memories of The Kingdom of Fife

If you've visited the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland, do please share your memories of your trip with us. Whenever I visit somewhere I always come home with a host of memories, some good, some not-so-good. Perhaps you used to live here, and have loads of memories of that time.

I invite you to share with us some memories of your time in Fife.

  • Where did you go?
  • What did you do?
  • Did you find the people friendly?
  • Hey, you can even mention the weather!
  • How did you get here (ie did you drive, bus, train?)
  • If you used to live here, which town did you live in? Do you still have family and friends here?
  • Share with us anything you feel is relevant. If you have some negative things to share, that's fine, but please don't swear or be aggressive, just give the facts.

You can add a photograph, but if you have lots of photos you'd like to share you can add them to the Fife Photos page; and if you have eaten out here, then do please add your review. Please also feel free to sign our Guest Book, or if you are still planning a visit to Fife and have some questions, then you can ask them here.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what others have said, and any comments that have been made.

Thank you, in advance, for sharing with us.

Have You got Great Memories of Your Trip to Scotland?

Have you visited the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland, and got great memories? Perhaps you had a round of golf at St Andrews, or visited the East Neuk, the Pittenweem Festival, or another part of this lovely part of Scotland. Do you have a great story about this? Why not share it with us!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Methilhill girl 
Hello, i was born in 1955 and we lived in Methilhll,i was part of the wonderful Bonar family having over 50 cousins. My maternal family came from"muchty" …

Finding My Place 
My wife (nee Joyce Margaret Walker)was born at Glenduckie in 1923. In the 1920s she and her family moved to Australia. We married in December 1948. …

Glasgow Cathedral during Christmas 
I happened to have the wonderful experience of visiting Scotland during Christmas and Hogmany. For those of us in America, that's New Year's. My fiance …

Naval Base Rosyth 
In the early 80s I used to live at the Naval Base in Rosyth. My husband was in the Navy and based at HMS Caledonia. I was a young wife with 2 young children …

Early Years 1930.s 
Hello May, It was a nice surprise to get your message as I have just had my laptop 3 weeks - but I can't get capitals yet. I was over 20 yrs ago, …

Historian in the Making 
My family and I live in Southern California, and prior to the Spring of 2008, none of us had ever been outside of the U.S. When our son received an offer …

To anyone wanting to go to Scotland, do not be lured by the grim faced and damp West Coasty mountains and lochs that attack you with midges and where you …

Coming home after 37 years  
HI my name is kevin living in Australia for the past 37 years.I was born at ST Andrews scotland and spent my early childhood living in Leven.At the age …

Staffordshire Writer Inspired by Fife Roots Not rated yet
I was a middle aged man when I discovered that I loved my roots in Fife. Having been called a 'Black Country Poet' for a few years, another chapter in …

I am a Scottish girl Not rated yet
I did not find out that I was Scottish until late in my years. I am looking forward to visiting Scotland soon. The Scottish site helps tremendously. …

Memories Not rated yet
I was born in Motherwell, Lanark in August 1939. We lived in Hertfordshire during the war years. Then we moved back to Scotland to Pitlochry in Perthsire. …

Growing up in the "Brig" Not rated yet
I was born in St Andrews at Craigtoun Hospital in 1949, and grew up in Guardbridge.Many memories of my time there from looking for tadpoles in the Motray …

Life changing Not rated yet
We came to fife leven beach holiday caravan park to stay for the weekend. We loved it and came back within 3 weeks to stay again, but this time we booked …

dori,s fish and chips, arbroath angusin the sixties..THE THISTLE Not rated yet
we ,everyone had favourite chippies,there was another in the main st forfar.tastes,food and memories after 43 years in australia.we supplied potatoes to …

bowhill utd Not rated yet
all I can tell you about this picture is that my dad (thomas gilespi wilson bell) is second from the left and the little lad stood next to him is my cousin …

Crail! Not rated yet
All my early summer holidays were spent at my grandmother's house in Crail, August days on the beach shivering in my swimsuit, blue at the lips but determined …

East Fife FC Not rated yet
Pat Whelan from England, but after 50 years ,a Fifer through and through, including East Fife FC. I lived near Bayview and used to go under the turnstiles …

Byron Street, Methil, 1936 Not rated yet
I was born at 10 Byron Street, Methil in 1936 and went to Crossroads School 1941-51. Anybody else from that then, aged 74 like me. I've lived for 46 …

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