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The Kingdom Haggis

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Let The Tale Begin

Deep in a wood in the Kingdom of Fife there is something mysterious, something amazing, something "enchanting".

This is a story not to be missed, a story that will enrich and touch your life.

You will ask over and over again "what if?" You will not be able to dismiss it as just a story - the facts are too overwhelming - and even if you cannot accept it, there will be something deep within that will make you wish you could!!

What is it about? To put it plainly it is the story of a completely new strain of the Haggis.

Unlike the common Northern rough-haired strain,

The document will reveal -

  • The history of the beast tracing way back to biblical times.
  • The migration to Fife.
  • The description, characteristics, habits etc..
  • A word on UFOs.
  • The Haggis linked to the Stone of Destiny.
  • The Haggis and Scottish History.
  • And an actual encounter with one!

This is a "must have" document, that promises to enthral you and entertain you.

Some quotes from the book!

'....what are they really like? Do they bite, scratch or attack things?. The answer to those questions is a resounding NO! The Haggis is a docile vegetarian creature with a very gentle nature. It is like the Hobbit and loves to sing or pipe & dance & drink whenever it can....'

'...I want to be clear at this point and state in case of confusion that any "Haggis" bought in a butchers or supermarket in Fife is NOT the Kingdom Haggis – it is simply a mixture of meats etc sewn up in a skin of varying substances....'

'...I was in the right area. I took out the cassette player and softly it began playing "flower of scotland" and the like. I kept the volume low and again rubbed the Glenfiddich into my hands and forearms - I sat and waited....'

What other people have said about this book!

"A great story! I found myself totally gripped with it, and am still not sure if it is real or not. But thoroughtly enjoyable. I would buy more from this author!"

The Kingdom Haggis is wonderful escapism. Is it directed at children or adults? Is it reality or fantasy? Is there an element of truth mixed up with all the fun? Actually it really didn't matter to me because I just loved it. This book had me interested and chuckling all the way to the end. The only question left to ask is - "Is there a sequel?"

the haggis book

Available from Scotlands Enchanting Kindom

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